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Tai Ogawa

"The Monkey thought"

30 July 2022 (Sat.) - 20 Aug 2022 (Sat.)

​Hours:13:00 - 19:00

Closed on Sundays

YOD Gallery is pleased to present Tai Ogawa's solo exhibition "The Monkey thought".


Ogawa, who resumed his artistic activities after a motorcycle accident in 2013, considers painting as the creation of a three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional surface. By creating works that transcend the dimensions, he explores the possibility of a two-dimensional surface. 


"Doodles" are the starting point of his creations as an expression of reality. By reconstructing these images on the canvas in a disjointed chronological order, he creates new images of paintings and transformations of meaning that resemble anagrams. Another core of his work is the "Sekaikei" style (the world-type), which flourished around the end of the 20th century. (Note 1)


The works are created using an airbrush, creating a multidimensional pictorial space that arouse the viewers' illusion of a digital work at their first glance. 


To create an artwork and to appreciate it from a meta-perspective. The world of Sekaikei after a world that has not been destroyed that repeats itself forever, and Chunibyo as a disease of time that does not go into remission.


"It is actually happiness that the story of this ambiguous reality continues. Today, too, we will transcend time and space to observe the unchanging everyday life at a fixed point." (Excerpt from the artist's statement)


In this exhibition, the artist will present new works, mainly collages of drawings on the screen, a technique he has been using since around 2014.


We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.


(Note 1)Sekaikei

The tendency to use the exaggerated word "world" to describe the mere idea of the narrator himself.

Sekaikei refers to a group of works in which a small relationship ("you and me") between the hero (me) and heroine (you) leads directly to a major abstract problem such as "world crisis" or "the end of the world" without any concrete intermediary term.

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