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Hiroshi Shinno


Oct 15, 2022 (Sat.) - Oct 29, 2022 (Sat.)

​Opening hours:13:00 - 19:00

Closed on Sundays

YOD Gallery is pleased to present "WUNDERKAMMER -The Study of Bake in the Wild" by Hiroshi Shinno.


Born and raised in the rich natural environment of Kyoto, Japan, Shinno is fascinated by the natural world and creates non-existent "ikimono" (living creatures) by combining resin plant reproductions made using a molding technique.

Insects that resemble flowers, plant seeds that resemble insect wings, and other forms that blur the boundary between plants and insects are all condensed forms of the natural world's ecosystem, which is beyond human knowledge and closely interrelated and symbiotic with each other.

The "living things" created by Shinno mimic the shapes of nature, which continue to change and intermingle on an unimaginable level. Despite being inorganic, these forms contain memories that cannot be created by human hands and seem to have a life of their own.


The exhibition title, "Wunderkammer," translates from German as "room of threat" or "room of wonder," and is said to be the prototype of today's museums, which exhibited curios collected by European aristocrats in various places from the 15th to 18th centuries.

In this exhibition, we will display a collection of non-existent "living things" collected through the process of observation of plants, molding, reproduction by resin, and reconstruction.


We hope you will visit this exhibition to observe and explore the sublime beauty of nature that has been shaped through the ages.

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