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Chihiro Murata

"borders / boundaries"

2 July, 2022 (Sat.) ~ 23 July, 2022 (Sat.)

​Hours: 13:00 - 19:00

Closed on Sundays and July 9th

YOD Gallery is pleased to present "borders / boundaries," a solo exhibition of Chihiro Murata.  


After majoring in textile dyeing at Kyoto City University of Arts, Murata has been creating works focusing on the phenomenon of "dyeing/dyeing" and the time flow and hue fluctuations associated with the act of dyeing.


The title of this exhibition, "borders / boundaries," was also used in a group of works produced and exhibited in 2017. Murata shares that a friend of her once talked about the word "boundary," which generally means "boundary, as below:


(The English word) "boundary" sometimes means the "boundary" that each of us has on the inside - for example, to what extent we accept the other person. And it is always a judgment to be made by one's own.


To Murata, who just started to work on the theme of "vague boundaries" at the time, felt that these words reflected her own concept strongly. For those of us who see Murata's works, this title does not only refer to "boundaries," but also seems to have multiple meanings, such as the border between colors that mix, the separation between this side and that side, and the division between memories and the present.


This exhibition may provide an opportunity to reconsider the areas that are often overlooked in our daily lives and the things that are lost by drawing clear lines, not by drawing boundaries, but by the ambiguity unique to "dyeing".


We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy the exhibition.



-Artist Statement-


The colors spread by the "phenomenon of dyeing / the act of dyeing" can be traversed across the inside and outside, front and back, of the fabric, or as a single entity. Gazing at an ambiguous area that cannot be distinguished between the two is similar to looking at the world around us. We draw boundaries (sometimes by ourselves) more than necessary to what is next to us and what is in a continuous flow, even forgetting that there are fluctuations there. We may find a world that opens up by never stopping the fluctuation and by keeping our eyes fixed on the ambiguous area.

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