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Yoshie Kuroda solo exhibition


9th April (Sat),  – 30th April (Sat), 2022


Hours: 13:00-19:00

Closed on Sundays

YOD Gallery is pleased to present "Existence," a solo exhibition by Yoshie Kuroda.


Kuroda uses discarded clothing to make body parts of animals and humans and then joins them together to create imaginary creatures called "Mokemokemono".Therefore, clothes that were to be discarded are given a new life by her hands, and one can feel their cuteness and strong life force at the same time.


To Kuroda, the current global pandemic has further increased the earnestness of her view of life and death, and she has been questioning ‘what on earth is life’. Through Kuroda's works, we will have the opportunity to reconsider the connection between people and our existence as individuals.

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