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​Kazuki Takakura's solo exhibition

"Imaginary War (Gold)"


27 Aug, 2022 (Sat.) - 17 Sep, 2022 (Sat.)

​Hours: 13:00 - 19:00

Closed on Sundays

YOD Gallery is pleased to present "Imaginary War (Gold)" by Kazuki Takakura.

Kazuki Takakura applies 3DCG, pixel animation, 3D printing, VR, NFT, and other technologies to create works aiming to rewrite contemporary art rules based on Eastern thought and explore new values of digital data.

In this exhibition, Takakura will present a series of works based on the theme of special effects monster movies, in which the characters of "Buddhist statues" and "monsters," which he has created using NFT in recent years, are presented in various forms.

Takakura believes that the "analog, hand-crafted" texture, warmth, and "celebration/curse" of special effects technology no longer exist only in the physical world, but may now be expressed in the realm of "digital data". We believe that tokusatsu monsters, which can be viewed as beings that straddle two dimensions, may offer a glimmer of hope for breaking through and destroying the real world, which is showing signs of being at an impasse.

We hope you will take this opportunity to view this exhibition, which attempts to expand the possibilities of the digital realm.

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