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Ryuzo Satake

Solo exhibition “Walking along the Waterside / The Forest of Humans”


February 24, 2024 (Sat.) - March 16, (Sat.)

Opening hours: 13:00-19:00

Closing date: Sunday

YOD Gallery is pleased to present Ryuzo Satake's “Walking along the Waterside / The Forest of Humans”.

Ryuzo Satake's works appear to be a collection of square dots when viewed up close, but they give the sensation that an image is emerging when viewed from afar. This is due to Satake's unique pointillism method, painting square dot with a flat brush and using natural mineral pigments. The colors below seem to show through the gaps between the particles of the pigments because of the coarseness of the pigments. Viewers can receive a sense of depth and shading of color.


This is the Satake's third solo exhibition at YOD Gallery. In his 2013 solo exhibition “Someone's Child”, it is refreshing to see him shift his focus from self-portraits and images of young people of the same generation, which he had previously depicted. The paintings are not associated with a specific image or existence, and physical sensations and emotions: joy, anger or sorrow are left to the viewer's interpretation. In his 2016 solo exhibition “Small Existence”, he drew on imaginary beings that appear in Japanese classics and folklore, such as the wind god, thunder god and dragons, depicting specific beings from 'no-one' existence.


In this exhibition “Walking along the Waterside / The Forest of Humans”, Satake presents a compilation of the works which he depicted various local folklore and real-life experiences, as well as portraits in his past production activities. “Walking along the Waterside” section depicts something to have seen and heard about rivers and the sea. For example, Japanese folk monsters, wars, disasters, and his childhood dreams. Viewers enjoy his works with the captions for events and stories that have inspired the works. In the “The Forest of Humans” section, the portraits he painted between 2020 and 2023 will be exhibited in one place, and the 'others' he has depicted from various perspectives and angles will be represented as a diverse group of individuals.


The artist will be at the gallery on:February 24.


We hope you will take this opportunity to visit this exhibition.



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