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Untitled (from Ehime Magazine, 10th December 1995), 1995

Work on Paper

Crayon on paper


53.8 x 37.4 (cm)

21.2 x 14.7 (inch)

Susumu Koshimizu was born in 1944 in Japan. He graduated from Sculpture Department, Tama Art University and later became one of the key members of Mono-ha, a pioneering art movement that emerged in Tokyo in the mid-1960s whose artists, instead of making traditional representational artworks, explored materials and their properties in reaction to what they saw as ruthless development and industrialisation in Japan.


When the monthly magazine "Ehime-Zasshi" was launched in 1988, Koshimizu illustrated the first 100 magazine covers. This exhibition features a caleful selection of the precious original illustrations, which have never been shown outside of print media, accompanied by "words" from Koshimizu.

"It is December. It is the end of the year. The year is coming to the end. I have a cold. It is a recession. Towards the end of the year, requests for smaller works of art come along from the variety of art galleries. I do understand why they do. The smaller the easier to sell. Usually, I decline all the requests. Because I have such a character. Size doesn’t matter how big or small they are, as the quality and quantity of energy I put on my works of art do not differ. The smaller works reveal artists’ potentials even more. Artists are more attached to smaller works of art. The smaller the cheaper, the cheaper the easier to sell, like selling things by weight. The idea of exhibitions which seek to sell more since it is the end of the year makes me furious. For all that, I’ll make plenty works of art this year in the end. Reflecting on the matter, it appears that galleries tricked me better. It was very careless of me to accept their requests. That means it’s a recession. December, it is."

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