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Untitled (from Ehime Magazine, 10th September 1989), 1989

Work on Paper

Crayon on paper


54.0 x 38.8 (cm)

21.3 x 15.3 (inch)

Susumu Koshimizu was born in 1944 in Japan. He graduated from Sculpture Department, Tama Art University and later became one of the key members of Mono-ha, a pioneering art movement that emerged in Tokyo in the mid-1960s whose artists, instead of making traditional representational artworks, explored materials and their properties in reaction to what they saw as ruthless development and industrialisation in Japan.


When the monthly magazine "Ehime-Zasshi" was launched in 1988, Koshimizu illustrated the first 100 magazine covers. This exhibition features a caleful selection of the precious original illustrations, which have never been shown outside of print media, accompanied by "words" from Koshimizu.

"Ehime Magazine has turned one year old. The cover logo will also be renewed. The editors must be highly motivated. I am in charge of the cover drawing, and that is giving me a slight headache. I, according to a friend, am a very good liar to make incredibly reasonable excuses. So I make desperate excuses. To draw is not really my style. I suppose I enjoyed drawing when I was about 10 to 15 years old, but I did not really since then, for the last 40 years. That’s why I became a sculptor. I do not want you to appreciate my magazine cover drawing as a drawing. This is a sculpture not a drawing, but a shadow of a sculpture. If you find my drawing odd, please understand this is just the way it is, it is a sculpture. Mr. Yoshimasa Hashigaya, who designed the new Ehime Magazine cover design, is an excellent professional. He has created the Ehime magazine logotype that maintains its dignity no matter how lousy my (shadow of) sculpture is. Happy Birthday, Magazine Ehime."

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