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Work Bench - Stone Pillow, 2010


Chestnut tree, steel, rope and stone

120.0 x 155.0 x 56.0 (cm)

47.2 x 61.0 x 22.0 (inch)

Susumu Koshimizu was born in 1944 in Japan. He graduated from Sculpture Department, Tama Art University and later became one of the key members of Mono-ha, a pioneering art movement that emerged in Tokyo in the mid-1960s whose artists, instead of making traditional representational artworks, explored materials and their properties in reaction to what they saw as ruthless development and industrialisation in Japan.

The proposed exhibition aim to feature Koshimizu's installations and sculptures works since the 1970s' that focus on the qualities inherent to but not visible in an object, and reveals his artistic concern for the materiality of objects—a desire to expose the fundamentals of sculpture, often revealed through juxtaposition.

He developed his Working Table series, the surfaces of which are variously incised with pools of water or supplemented with stacks of branches and elongated protrusions reminiscent of horns or ribs. 

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