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Arata Higuchi

Solo exhibition “The Color of Metamorphose”


May 4, 2024 (Sat.) - May 25, (Sat.)

Opening hours: 13:00-19:00

Closing date: Sunday

YOD Gallery is pleased to present “The Color of Metamorphose”, the Higuchi’s first solo exhibition at our gallery on May 4 (Sat.).


Higuchi mainly themes around vivid chameleons, and paints arts crossing technics of Japanese-style painting and ‘Mokkotsu-hou’ (painting without an outline). Chameleons, which is covered with colorful scales from their heads to tails, make us feel a powerful vitality as if they were moving. Furthermore, the picture precisely painted numerous colors is reminiscent of the artist immersing himself in painting as he chips away his vitality.


Higuchi’s own worldview generated by his superior technic of Japanese-style painting and well-honed color sense gains popularity at home and abroad.


Higuchi says, “Chameleons have strange attraction that conveys the power of colors. I feel that their figures endlessly changing colors as if they showed their emotions represent a human mind.” The emotion, that is represented by various colors, changes more and more complex as we interact with others. Similarly, every scale of the chameleon influences each other. It is the whole color that generates the chameleon.


Higuchi’s first solo exhibition at YOD Gallery makes us feel higher expectations. We exhibit not only two-dimensional paintings full of vitality but also wall installation and three-dimensional works. We look forward to experiencing what color will dye my own emotion when we jump in the world of colorful and energetic Higuchi’s works.


Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.


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