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Susumu Koshimizu


26th September (Sat), 2020 – 31th October (Sat), 2020

Hours:12:00~19:00, closed Sundays

YOD Gallery is honored to present Susumu Koshimizu solo exhibition "Word".

Susumu Koshimizu, representative artist of the "Mono-ha" movement, was born in Ehime Prefecture. When the monthly magazine "Ehime-Zasshi" was launched in 1988, Koshimizu illustrated the first 100 magazine covers. This exhibition features a caleful selection of the precious original illustrations, which have never been shown outside of print media, accompanied by "words" from Koshimizu.

To commemorate this exhibition, we have invited vice director Nakai of The National Museum of Art, Osaka, to have a coversation with Koshimizu. In consideration of safety, this talk will be recorded privately and streamed
through a video service at a later date.

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