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Mina Katsuki

Katsuki was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1989. After graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University Faculty of Art in 2014, completed Kyoto University of Art and Design  Graduate School in 2016.

Her process begins with making paint. She makes 230 shades of blue paint, apply them to the canvas, and stretch them out with a large self-made brush. So, her theme is “paint”. She says, "Paintings are produced by creating an illusion upon the canvas, but my goal is to focus on the paint itself."

From 2017 to 2019, she has been attracting attention in Asian countries by participating in Artist-in-residence programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and held exhibitions in Korea and Taiwan.


Born in Fukuoka, 1989

2014  B.F.A Art and Design, Kyushu Sangyo University

2016  M.F.A. Painting, Kyoto University of Art and Design



2015  "Tokyo Wonderwall 2015", prize

2016  "3rd Contemporary Art Foundation Award", selected

2016  "a.a.t.m 2016", SHU UEMURA prize

2017  "The 32th Holbein Scholarship" ,selected


<Solo Exhibitions>

2017/2018  Fukuzumi Gallery, Osaka

2018  Gallery M.A.P, Fukuoka

2019  “From one stroke” Winwin Art, Taiwan

2020  "From one stroke" Iori Machiya Stay, Kyoto (scheduled in February 28- March 1)


<Group Exhibitions>

2016  "Insecure tide land" Winwin Art , Taiwan

2017  uJung Art Center, Korea

2018  “THE NEXT 10 ARTISTS”, Hanky Used, Osaka

     “Shimogamo Bunka Salon”,Shimogamo saryo, Kyoto

2019  “Shimogamo Plaiades”, Shimogamo saryo, Kyoto

     “November Island”, Winwin Art, Taiwan


2016 "Kizugawa Art 2016", Kyoto

2017 "Sasaran International Art Festival 2017", Malaysia

<Artist in Residences>

2017  "Sasaran International Art Festival", Malaysia

2018  "Solo International Art Camp 2018", Indonesia

2019  "Hanoi Art Connecting", Vietnam

     "AIR Kamonasu", Kyoto



2017  "TAIWAN ANNAUAL”, Taiwan

2018  "Art Busan", via uJung Art Center, Korea


2019  "ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2019", Kyoto

     "Art Fair Asia Fukuoka", Fukuoka (YOD Gallery)

     "Art Taipei", Taipei (YOD Gallery)

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