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Kazz Sasaguchi (1962-)

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1987. After graduating with GA Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Architecture in 1987, he has completed a master's course at Chelsea College of Arts, Department of Sculpture in 1999.

Kazz Sasaguchi (b.1962, Tokyo) creates his art by researching real-world data regarding society and places. By compiling this data and visualizing it in unexpected configurations, he presents new ways to examine ‘reality’. He is particularly interested in the analysis and mapping of motions and movements of people and in various areas, which is one of the main themes of his artworks.

Sasaguchi collects things that we usually see in our everyday lives and represents them as an archive of images. They are represented in a variety of ways, such as small sponge balls floating in space, or as a stack of thinly stamped text, or as a negative image of a person's movements.


Sasaguchi's artworks, which materialize the data once stored in a computer into the real world, is very interesting in the ever-increasing computerization of modern society.

1962       Born in Tokyo

1987       BA, Architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

1999       MA, Sculpture, Chelsea Collage of Art and Design, London, UK


Solo Exhibition


2000       "possess", Habitat Tottenham Court Road, London, UK

2002       "Art Scholarship 2001, Excellence Prize Judged by Taro Amano", exhibit LIVE, Tokyo

2002       "Hara Documents 8, omokage -in/visible-", Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (cat.)

2003       "HERCULES", rontgenwerke, Tokyo

2007       "white", ZENSHI, Tokyo

2007       "white", IMPULSE, PULSE Miami, Miami, USA

2012       “When you lost in the forest?”, 20202, Tokyo

2012       “un-ei / shadow or ghost”, rontgenwerke AG, Tokyo

2016       “View From Location Zero”, 20202, Tokyo


Group Exhibition


2001       " rx³ ", Rontgen Kunstraum, Tokyo

2003       " 108 ", Ise Cultural Foundation New York Gallery, New York, USA

2004       " Out the Window - Spaces of Distraction ", The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo

2004       " Roppongi Crossing : New Visions in Contemporary Japanese Art 2004 ", Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

2004       " Out the Window - Spaces of Distraction ", The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo / Project Space Zip, Seoul, Korea

2005       “ PUBLICLY SPEAKING “, SSamzie Space, Seoul, Korea / Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, Tokyo

2006       “ at / @ “, Shiraya Art Space, Tokyo

2006       “ from ON KAWARA to RYAN GANDER", Daiwa Radiator Factory Viewing Room, Hiroshima

2006       “ BEAUTIFUL DREAMER ", Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo

2008       " Nanjing Tiennale ", Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China

2009       " Perception and Urban Environments ", Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo

2011       " KABUKICHO ART SITE", Shinjuku Cine. City + Okubo Park, Tokyo

2012       " The Power of Japanese Contemporary Sculpture ", Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018       " Obsession Conception Possession ", Gallery Flaur, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto



Other Projects


2004-6     " UZUMAKUHIROBA " Land Art project of a park in a mountain site, The park planned to build beside a lake used for power generation under the ground, Minamiaiki

2016        "Winter Stars In The Mid Summer Sky ", Entranse Art Wirk, Ebisu SUBARU Building, Tokyo





2002       "Art Scholarship 2001, Excellence Prize Judged by Taro Amano", Art Brain International Inc, Tokyo

2004       "Roppongi Crossing, The people’s Prize", Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

2005       Grantee of “The Pollock-Krasner Foundation”, New York, USA

2006       Good Design Award, Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, Tokyo

2008       “Yoshinobu Ashihara Prize”, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

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