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Group Exhibition



October 30-November 20



YOD Gallery is pleased to present "Re: Examine", a group exhibition by three artists.


This exhibition introduces three artists who share a common interest in "re-examine" all the elements hidden in our daily lives. These female artists have been creating works by focusing on all kinds of objects covered by a so-called "coating," such as the existence, contours, and bodies of things we usually pass by without thinking about them. When we suddenly look back at something in our daily lives, we sometimes feel an illusion of a gap between what we are unconsciously aware of and the reality, and this feeling is highlighted through the works of the three artists.



Uchida has been focusing on "drawing" and "seeing" in her creations, which are also acts of self-recognition, and paradoxically confronts the otherness that dwells within herself. Based on the idea that "one's own body is borrowed" , what she portrays on the canvas are shapes that may arise from the struggle between ego and otherness, unconscious activities and reflexive movements of the body based on the surrounding environment and the body's condition at the time.


Hasegawa consistently uses "plants" as her subject matter in her paintings. She uses folklore, faith, horticultural history, and botany as sources of inspiration. By depicting plants in a variety of ways, sometimes in dense forests, sometimes in flowers bewitched by neon signs, she reminds viewers of the mystery and horror of existence beyond human comprehension and evokes people's awareness of human's interventions.


Yamagata's theme of creation is based on her own skin sensations. Using motifs such as maps and skin, she transforms her awareness of the surface of things into works in various forms, including paintings and installations. They give new meaning to the silhouette casually etched into objects by themselves or the hands of others, to the illusions created by ambiguous physical sensations, and to raw realities that cannot be touched directly.



Through the different presentations of the three artists, we will approach the act of reexamining what lies behind the "coating" through works that embody the daily shifting illusions, the act of confronting all things that we tend to forget, and the invisible flow of time.


Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

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