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Mette Vangsgaard

"Liquid Sunshine"

15th September (Fri) – 14th October 2017 (Sat)

Hours: 12:00-19:00, closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Receprion: 15th September (Fri) 18:00 - 

YOD Gallery is pleased to present " Liquid Sunshine," by Mette Vangsgaard (b.1968), as a collaborative project with Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Denmark.

Mette Vangsgaard is a Copenhagen based cross-media artist who works with wide range of materials from ceramic, glass, oil and watercolor paintings to woodprints. Through visualizing the artist’s personal memory and experience, Vangsgaard’s works speak of much larger contemporary problems such as evolution, civilization, coexistence, loneliness, public spaces, modern social thinking, and the turning down of old environments towards new constructions.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Japan-Denmark diplomatic relations that inspired this collaborative project between two galleries. Please take this opportunity to see the works of Mette Vangsgaard at YOD gallery.

- Artist Statement -
Mette Vangsgaard “Liquid Sunshine”

Scandinavian climate is changing, the four seasons are becoming one, it rains and storms like never before. The Common Brimstone, The European Peacock and similar butterflies, all native to Scandinavia, are all vanishing due to this change. Liquid Sunshine aim to explore how we as humans perceive nature and its changes.

Together with Yod Gallery I’m showcasing a collection of works inspired by the poem “Butterfly Valley: A Requiem. “by acclaimed Danish poet Inger Christensen. The exhibiting includes an installation done in ceramic, glass and fabric, and a series of new watercolours which are expressions of personal stories of raindrops, reflections, cloudbursts and memories of rainy landscapes.

The pieces create a spectrum of narratives about the western civilisation and the everyday life of today. From thoughts on, how new tendencies constant redefines our life, how public spaces shapes our understanding of a society, to our perception of nature.

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