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Takuro Sugiyama


11 November 2008- 29 November, 2008

Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday

Opening Reception: from 18:00 on 10th November

YOD Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition by Takuro Sugiyama "Hyper-Geometrism" that will be held from November 11 to November 29 2008.

Takuro Sugiyama’s can be the one who brings a new idea in the stagnated abstract expressions. All the abstract movements related to Geometrism shaved off subjectivity and focused on the expression of concepts in the 20th century. However, Sugiyama emphasises his personal subjectivity in his geometric composition which is made by points, lines, and masses. He has continuously painted abstract compositions that look like geometric forms since his study at school. He curiously creates an unrealistic 3D space that is restricted within his personal sense by elaborately piecing surfaces with colour that are constructed with lines. It reminds us Escher’s trompe loeil. 

Moreover, Takuro Sugiyama’s creation is completely executed by only his brain and senses. His composition seems to be used of digital treatments in the procedure, but all the procedure for executing his paintings is analogue and illogical compared to our time which has been technically digitalised. We wonder how excellent man’s brain works and how mysterious it is at the same time.

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