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Stitch Dog

“Negated Sound Devices”

23rd December 2017(Sat)- 27th January 2018(Sat)

Hours: 12:00-19:00, closed Sundays

*︎closed Dec. 29 (Fri), 2017 - Jan. 7 (Sun), 2018 for holiday

Receprion:23rd December(Sat) 18:00 -

YOD Gallery is delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Stitch Dog, “Negated Sound Devices.” As a labour that is suggested to have been deployed to alienate women from political and social activities, embroidery is purposely used by the artist like a double-edged sword. Stitch by stitch, motifs including laptops and circuit boards are transferred onto juxtaposing materials. Yet these works reject adjectives – such as ‘soft’ and ‘light’ – conventionally attached to embroidery in order to express the artist’s struggle against social repression.

 In this exhibition, visitors will be confronted by invisible sound rendered as solid and negated objects ― dismantled and embroidered sound devices and circuit boards, sound waves enclosed in gelatine, and a turntable congealed by lead. The act of insulation embodies the artist’s resistance against oppression as well as a society in which voiceless voice of the vulnerable echoes. The active and the passive intermingle within a work of art while interrogating the viewer’s standpoint.

Handiwork and mass production. Art and craft. Masculinity and femininity manipulated by society – ‘Negated Sound Devices’ exhibits an endeavor for liberation from these restraining binaries. 

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