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Issay Kitagawa x Kenshu Shintsubo

"Hintobi - Dignity and Beauty"

1 October 2008 - 31 October 2008

Open: 11:00-19:00

Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday, 24th and 25th October

Opening reception: 18:00 on 1st October

Presented by YOD Gallery

Supported by DIME Co., Ltd, AZ PLANNING Co., Ltd, GRAPH

YOD Gallery is pleased to present the artworks by Hintobi (the art unit by Issay Kitagawa and Kenshu Shintsubo) in their exhibition, "Dignity and Beauty" in Osaka.

Hintobi formed as an art unit in 2007 by Issay Kitagawa (artist, graphic designer and art director of GRAPH: he held our opening exhibition) and Kenshu Shintsubo (photographer). They had a clear mission to show their works as a unit, even though they collaborate in many advertisements and design projects. Whilst the realm of “Art” has always existed, the realm of “Design” progressed commercially after the war in Japan. Now is the time to create a new sense of value in “Art” and “Design” by going over the boundary between “Art” and “Design”.  Kitagawa and Shintsubo have launched a new art movement by departing from their original fields and by working as a unit. 

The unit name “Hintobi” means, “I hope that the day will give us a hint for creation” (“hinto” in Japanese means “hint” and “bi” in Japanese means “day”). There is also a rhymed hidden meaning of “Dignity and Beauty” (“hin”, “to” and “bi” in Japanese mean respectively “dignity”, “and” and “beauty”). Shintsubo’s clean and decent photographs are edited under the direction of Kitagawa by arbitrarily adding the few essences of transformation, such as distorting a composition or cutting them into pieces.  Hintobi tries to find preciousness and dignity by paying attention to our everyday life. 

For this exhibition, Hintobi creates a unique installation space by re-composing their works executed in 2007 and adding new works. These works are printed by using the leading-edge specific technique on canvases with the generous support of DAIMU Co., Ltd. and AZ PLANNING Co., Ltd.  This advanced technology enables us to experience a completely new style of execution in the artworks.

Kawarukachi by Issay Kitagawa and published by Works Corporation will also be out on the exhibition starting the day, 1st October. We will have a special package edition (150 editions with a catalogue of Kitagawa’s typography with drawings and Shintsubo’s unpublished photographs). Please ask our information on availability and price. 

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