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Hiroshi Shinno

"Live all life"

9 April 2011 - 7 May, 2011

Hours: 12:00-19:00, closed Sunday, Monday

Reception Party: 17:00- on 5th March

Talk Event 
"Ikimono (Life) discussion from Ecology point of view"
15:00-16:30 on 16th April 
Guest: Ms. Minori Yamanaka (Curator, Museum of Akutagawa river / Aquapia Akutagawa)

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, "Live all life", by Hiroshi Shinno (Born in 1979) will be held from 9th April to 7th May 2011.

After graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Shinno studied in Vienna, Austria. He mainly painted insects as motifs in which he was always longing for his local nature where he grew up. As much as he tried to capture beautiful shapes from nature in his representation, it didn't take time for him to choose sculpture as his medium to express in Vienna. He studied by himself to use synthetic resin to sculpt and established his own representation in a way that he executes very elaborate figurative works close to nature.

Shinno's "Ikimono (Life)" work looks an existing insect, but it actually doesn’t present in this world. With delicate observation and sensibilities, his new creatures consist of various shapes and colours from nature, fusing with parts from "life", such as arthropods, flowers and plants. What is inside of his "Ikimono" is nothing more than his simple desire to represent beauty in nature by his hands with his honesty and affection towards nature. The world of "Ikimono" that he creates is an expression of his sincere respect to nature that sustains the evolution of "life" where the ultimate beauty exists that we can never attain.

In this exhibition, "Live all Life", Shinno will show latest works executed with materials from "life" that he found in nature since he comes back to Japan. The living thing in nature shows various colour shades and shape by difference in each regional climate. Gleaning one by one existing in the nature, he pays attention to unique characteristics of Japanese climate in four seasons and develops new "life" in his own sense by combining them. It would be enjoyable for us to sense in coming and going in the reality and imagination existing in the intimate nature in his installation. We will also have a talk event, "Ikimono (life) discussion from Ecology point of view", inviting a biological curator from the Museum of Akutagawa river/ Acuapia Akutagawa, to talk about interest in his works with outside opinions from the territory of Art.

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