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Ryuso Satake

"Someone's Child"

19 January 2013 - 9 February 2013

Hours: 12:00-19:00, closed Sunday, Monday, and public holiday

Up rise of young artists born in 80's are remarkable in the world of Japanese paintings in recent years. Their presence are also drawing attention from contemporary art scene in Japan as they have potential to lead next generation of artists. 
Ryuzo Satake is one of those young artists and we are delighted to present this solo exhibition "Someone's Child ".

Satake applies the method of pointillism in Japanese paintings and uses mineral pigments in order to create stillness and transparent feel which represent anonymity of the subject and fragmented memories of landscapes. He has already awarded GEISAI#16 Takanori Takeshi prise in 2012 and ART AWARD NEXT #1 second prise in 2010, which proves his increasingly acclaimed talent and promising future in Japanese art scene.

His works represent somewhat ambiguous and lyrical feel which evokes viewer's personal emotion and thought. The artist intentionally detaches any personal touches, such as memories and emotions, toward the subject by the mechanical use of brush marks, namely regular dotting. As a result, the subject of paintings loose artist's personal markings and becomes purer form. The meaning of subject is left with individual viewers to translate and personalise with their own thought. This application of technical method and use of ambiguous form to Japanese paintings are reviewed as a new type of portrait paintings and gaining attention not only from the world of traditional Japanese paintings, but also from the world of contemporary art.

In this exhibition, we present new works which focus on figurative paintings and revisit his begging of practice in art. The subject of new works are children. The dramatic change of landscape by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 made him think about fragility of life and reminded him of his own emotional attachment to his home county. He came to be more aware of issues we faces daily and influences toward environments children grow up. The figure of child is a reminder of future which is intended to create a moment for the viewers to reflect their own concern about the uncertainty of future. 

His works are often talked focusing on his technique and the impersonality of images, but his conscious choice of materials, especially the paper called Kochi-mashi, produced by using ancient method in Kochi where he grew up, is as important as other elements to support his approach in paintings. He has been using this material through out his career and is indication of his identity in the tradition of Japanese paintings. 

As artist aims, this exhibition will be a catalyst for the viewers to ask themselves about future society through the representation of children's figure and individual works will show Satake's potential and possibility of new approaches to the traditional medium of Japanese paintings.

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