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Natsuki Machida


14 November 2009 - 19 December 2009

Hours: 11:00-19:00


Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday

Opening Reception: 17:00 on 14th November 

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by Natsuki Machida, "MURMUR" that will be held from November 14 to December 19.

Machida represents her world view of "virgin" that is generally visualised from girlish tastes in her work, in which she extracts elements to be the nature of "virgin" with hints from Japanese girlish Manga (comics) after the war. 

Machida exhibited huge representation on the wall added to sculptures in her installation in the space of YOD in the last year. She presented examples of physiological changes that have been developed in her garish mind. Manifestations of the garish emotion, in which she counts her longing for someone, was developed in her paintings as if brilliant petals bloomed from eyes and a body are eaten and digested with her emotions in the installation space. Her concrete sense of "virgin" showed in her unique expression of flowers and colour senses with the use of huge installation created a sensation. 

In this exhibition under the name of "MURMUR", Machida focuses on "fiction" which is defined as an element of "virgin" in the theory of gender. She says, "Fiction doesn’t mean opposition to reality, but a tool to find a new sense of value that doesn’t exist in reality. It can be re-constructed with existing elements in reality into a unique combination." In her "fiction", she uses decorative motifs as tool and adds portraits to increase the element of "fiction". She paints a portrait on the assumption that human communications are seen as the most important thing, but also raises an objection to language communications. She excessively adds flower motifs and colours to human figures and sometimes omits them or leave blanks. There is a unique sense of reading between lines or spaces in which she seems to try to reconstitute pieces from reality through "fiction". Her new creation of reality represented by "fiction" is heard like "MURMUR" that is unclearly expressed in the language where across communication between abstraction and embodiment is developed as her world view in the gallery space.


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