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Natsuki Machida

"Impulse of a Virgin"

4 March 2008 -  22 March, 2008

Hours: 11:00-19:00


Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday

The March exhibition of YOD Gallery will be holding an exhibition by Natsuki Machida, a rising young female artist from Osaka, born in 1980.

The word of “Virgin” forms the basis of Machida works. It can be said that a true story of love or a longing for someone will be firstly consummated by “uniting”, but what is the meaning of “uniting”? A “Virgin”, who waves in conflict and is distressed about the meaning of her existence, is represented as a transformed female figure with various emotions in her works. When she meets someone, a seed containing full of emotions is sowed in her mind. Additional interchanges and other meetings provoke more speculations in her mind and feed the seed which in turn blooms forth brilliant petals from her eyes and body. The multiple petals are symbols of her blind love expression towards an object or a sign of “an adult” in mind and body who has experienced a meeting and a parting.

The colour of Machida works is principally bright and vividly painted pink, but the dynamics of her emotion seem to be flat by the use of acrylic with the softness of its matière. This makes the viewer empathise with her fragile insistence and sentiment of her self. The multiple ripe petals painted in her works personifies her female passion. It appears not only visionary, but can also be interpreted as an aggressive communication tool to others.

This exhibition will also add an element of installation with acrylic paintings and figures. We hope you will enjoy experiencing the impulse of a distressed and suffered “Virgin” in our gallery space.

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