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Mini_Blue_2011_53x45.5cm_color on paper

Nina Kawamata


"Circle of Transmigration"

27 April 2013 - 18 May 2013

Hours: 12:00-19:00, closed Sunday, Monday

Up rise of young artists born in 80's are remarkable in the world of Japanese paintings in recent years. Their presence are also drawing attention from people who favours contemporary art in Japan since they are bringing in cutting edge approach to such traditional medium. Nina Kawamata is a female artist and one of those young generation of artists. We are delighted to present this solo exhibition "Circle of Transmigration".

Kawamata, a painter who specialise in the medium of Japanese paintings, starts her creative process by imitating classic subject matter which are used in traditional Japanese and Chinese paintings. From there, she modifies it to represent her imaginative figure, a person or an angel that appears in Western mythology decorated with flowers and plants. 

Figures she paints are spiritual ideals or/and fantasy represented in the shape of human being. This idea comes from her previous study of primitive religion, such as nature worship, polytheism, animism and shamanism during her university course when she was imitating a figure of Sakra devanam Indra.

The title of this exhibition "Circle of Transmigration" means all things are constantly changing. She admits the change of religious rituals and values of life in the fast paced current world, but also tries to point out unchanging nature of spiritual mind that Japanese people inherited from ancestors. She aims to represent such spiritual subject through those figures and flowers by referencing existing religious statues and nature.

In this exhibition, we would like you to experience the gallery as a whole space to re-live the artist's spiritual and imaginative world. We presents 5 paintings which represent her own god, the spiritual figure of her own imagination, and other related works. 


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