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Toshifumi Hirose


24th August 2018 - 15th September 2018

Hours:12:00~19:00, closed Sundays

Reception: 24th August (Fri) 17:30-

 YOD Gallery is delighted to present Toshifumi Hirose Exhibition “For-ma-ti-o-n”. Toshifumi Hirose (born 1971 in Gifu, presently Tokai Gakuin University associate professor) spent 7 years in Germany, and after returning to Japan, has continued to create both two- and three-dimensional artwork with various media. His work revolves around architectural elements. Within the field of “architecture” a crucial aspect for Hirose is the act of building, or “bau” in German. “Bau” simultaneously embodies the potential for indefinite expansion, as well as the possibility of demolition to zero. Through contrasting these conflicting directions, Hirose conjures dynamic pieces.

 Hirose feels a profound connection to the philosophy of Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus. According to Gropius, nature and art are fundamentally opposing forces. “We do not adapt to nature, but we fight it. This is how we can feel like we belong in a part of the infinite universe. Then, new communities can emerge. This idea was remarkably different from the contemporary anthropocentric philosophies in Europe. The interaction between the individual and the whole embedded there parallels Buddhist philosophies of the east, and resonates with me the most”, Hirose says. Thus, for him, architectural elements become tools for understanding one’s place in the world.

 Thus Hirose regards architecture as not merely buildings, but symbols for places and communities. He converts the process of changing surroundings and the evolution of cities into visual artwork. His subjects are familiar spaces of urban environments, such as shopping centers, amusement parks, botanical gardens, and cafes. Communal spaces like these receive their meaning through the influx and efflux of people and objects. They are neutral, and thus constantly evolving to suit our desires. Hirose sees infinite possibilities in this process of reinvention of spaces. While expressing his inner sensibilities, he also is aware of the space that artwork occupies. He strives to create an environment where the observer may freely come and go, filling the view with their own thoughts, imploring us to participate in the “formation” of a unique place. Please join us to appreciate this exhibition at YOD Gallery.

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