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Open: 12:00-19:00


Closed: Sunday 15th February

YOD Gallery is delighted to present "TAKI HIROKO: Laterite" in a celebration of her winning "Sakuyakonohana award 2015". This will be her second exhibition held at YOD Gallery since April 2014. 

 TAKI HIROKO explores her own posture and style through her production process, these discoveries become the important materials for her own artistic expression. In this exhibition, she looks into the colour "red" which often appears in her works, by reflecting this colour on her own body and immanent senses. 

 TAKI says that "red" is, as well as the colour of her own blood and flesh, the proof that we inherit things from the past, which now are in her body. Her work "Trace the Earth" was presented at the Kizugawa Art 2014 last autumn. It is a documentary which projects her walking in Kizugawa River with wearing a long piece of red fabric. In this work, "red" makes a strong impression and this work expresses the sense of "the place" by walking in the river and feeling it through her red body. As with another work in the same exhibition, the red cloth that she wears was buried under small stones covering it on the ground. This shows her intention to explore the identities of herself and the place as she looks to find herself having existed in the past and also the memories rooted in the place as if she put herself in the fairy tales of the place. 

 In this exhibition, she will look further at this red body and an abstract work "Laterite" will be presented in which some kind of space would be created from her body through the medium of photography. The expanded texture, with a black background, in her work reminds us of the ever-spreading universe and the planets. This red skin was first used in the work "Bentenya (Japanese Sarasvati)" in 2012 and her basic idea of it has not changed to date, it is that she is aware of her blood and body as a component which connects herself and her ancestors. In her new work, this idea has evolved even further. In the work of 2013 "Sanzui" and that of 2014 "Nikuduki", she searches for shapes used in her Chinese character "瀧" in the image of her body. One might say that this is rather a direct way to search and representing herself identity, however, this time, it is more ambiguous and allows the imagination of the viewer by zooming into the surface, so that the viewer creates their own interpretation of the skin-like texture in the work.

 During the course of the exhibition, TAKI will create artwork at our gallery, which is open to the public and the process of making is an important part of this piece. The Osaka city central public hall, where the awarding ceremony of “Sakuyakonohana award 2015” will take place, is known for a building with red bricks. This also gives her a further perspective to create works putting the colour red in her mind. You will see further into the deep and uniquely developed world of TAKI HIROKO in this exhibition.

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