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Masashi Hattori

"Hito ○ Dual Personality ○ Hito"

7 July 2009 - 25 July 2009

Hours: 11:00-19:00


Closing day: Every Sunday and Monday

Opening Reception: 17:00 until 21:00 on 6th July

Supported by

Teranishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. / Cadre.F

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Masashi Hattori, “Hito ○ Dual Personality ○ Hito” that will be held from July 7 to 25 July.

Hattori is a sculptor who represents the form of "Hito (person or people)" by using any kind of mediums. His sculptures are formed into human shapes in investigations into the theme of the universality of people. It is based on a simple form like an iconic figure, but mediums are varied into different materials and sometimes are complicatedly mechanised. There is an offensive relationship between simplicity and complexity. Its conflict in his works shows human's contradictory elements, such as people's universality and offensive attitude, to make people to live together in the community and to develop into more advanced society, as "Dual Personality".

However, it is hard to feel the conflicting elements in our normal life, hidden away by our daily elements in the universality. Hattori emphasised his behaviour to disclose the offensive elements consciously into his sculptures because he thinks that the disagreed attitude of people is the most important element to identify human's characteristics. We could relatively confirm our position in the society, realised with the existence of "Dual Personality" in our mind by feeling a counterpart from each other in his works.

In this exhibition, "Dual Personality" will be shown everywhere in Hattori's installation with sculptures in varied shapes and materials. There must be millions of identities as many as numbers of "Hito (person or people)" in the world. We will experience the epitome of our society through his sculptures in the gallery space, in which we see how the various identities are cheerfully involved and how the individual behaviours go in concord with others.

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