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Bae Jung Soon

"Breath of Condensation"

16th November 2013 - 30th November 2013

Hours: 12:00-19:00, closed Sunday, Monday, and public holiday

YOD gallery is delighted to present Breath of Condensation, Bae Jung Soon's first solo presentation with YOD gallery. Bae uses Japanese paper, wire and Swarovski's beads as materials to sculpt ever evolving female body.
The artist, Bea's purpose of creation has been researching in meaning of existence of female life. She has been presenting her work in the form of installation art since 1987. The hay day of Post-modern art, while she was studying the master degree at Kyoto city university of arts, she had quickly chatched the new movement of art and presented sculptures as installation art, which was still rare in Korean art scene of that time. From then, she had opportunities to exhibit at the leading galleries and commercial spaces in Seoul.

Japanese paper, the material of her work, is generally available in Japan and Korea and it represents commonality in cultural identity. She considers the characteristic of this paper made with natural material, such as translucency and changeable nature with time, can be associated with the aging process of human life and body. Beautifully freestanding sculpture which is made by what was once sheets of fragile papers, now standing with the support of soft wires, seems as if representing the process of a female finding the way and finally found the way of standing by herself. Bae, the artist is willing to tell "the myth of ever changing body" through her artwork. 

Breath, Breathing, Life
Body that breathes
Body that changes
Body that expands
Body that evolves
Body that becomes myth

In the gallery, the torso which is emphasised by the corset like shape remind us the presence of breathing and changing female body. The artist tries to show the sensitivity and inner strength of female. Other important element to this work is light and shade which creates very atmospheric mood in the gallery space that is sometimes divine and sometimes as if the artwork is expressing its allure. 

Bae, the artist, hopes that viewers to simply feel joy and comforted by seeing her beautiful artwork. However, her being a foreigner and women lives in Japan, one could not help to associate difficulties she faced and thought that her works are born out of such life she led so far, having seeing the enegy one feels from this atomospheric artwork. 

In this exhibition, compared to her previous 20's and 30's work, which was more deliberate in terms of presentation, current works are deepen in terms of meaning, but simplified in the form. Her works are ever evolving. 

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