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Agathe de Bailliencourt 

"My so-called life in Japan"

14 April 2009 -  2 May, 2009

Opening Reception: 17:00 until 21:00 on 10th April

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Agathe de Bailliencourt, a Berlin-based French female artist (b.1974), “My so-called life in Japan” that will be held from April 14 to 2 May.

Bailliencourt has been engaged in many international exhibitions and projects and has been continuously conducting energetic activities. Her abstract paintings, created with dynamic colours and strokes by using acrylic, crayon and pastel, leave a strong impression with viewers. She translates her daily experiences into works through her unique sensitivity by using primary colours and layers of tracing. She avoids choosing specific themes. Her sensitivity becomes a filter, which all her fresh images passed through and are composed on canvas.

In recent years, she has executed many installations as well as canvases. Her installation works are site-specific. She conducts her installation by sinking herself into space, the time, the country and the culture where she stays. Images in the installation, created from a result like a chemical reaction between those elements and her sensitivity, cover the space with nonfigurative lines and colours. Those her images become a part of the site where the work is installed.

Bailliencourt has stayed in Japan from this January for the residence program called “cOOOkbOOOk” held by OOO, an alternative workspace in Osaka, with the support of the French embassy in Japan & Alliance Française d’Osaka. She conducted work-in-progress sessions for 3 weeks in this February. During the program, Bailliencourt also executed an installation at graf salon in Osaka and conducted a workshop in the installation with visitors. We could see a reflection of lots of her experiences in Osaka in the result of installation. In addition, her participation in “Roppongi Art Night” held by several art organizations, such as Mori Museums, Suntory Museum of Art, The National Art Center, Tokyo, in Roppongi (Tokyo) on March 28th will deepen her understanding of Japan.

This exhibition introduces a new installation specially created for the YOD gallery site & new canvas works executed during her stay in Japan. Please peruse her world view in these works, in which her well-honed sensitivity is sublimated in her experiences in Osaka and Japan with. 

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