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Yukyo Yamamoto

The world is full of little things so trivial that we barely notice them. Yukyo Yamamoto (b. 1988) believes that such minuscule things hide greatness that vastly surpasses their assigned value. “Seeing the rainbow in the shimmer of rice grain; feeling the echo of a person in the grime on a coin; imagining Mount Fuji in the blue colour of a tarp.” He muses that the very substance of reality is not intangible, but rather it is always within our grasp.


1988 Born in Kyoto

2010 Bachelor’s degree, Seian University of Art and Design, Japanese Painting Course

2011 Seian University of Art and Design research studies

2013 Master’s degree, Kyoto University of Art and Design



<Selected Solo Exhibitions>

2013 "What is there -Look at Rice※Look in Rice"(gallery PARC/Kyoto)

2014 "RICE LIFE"(Gallery Wada/Tokyo)    

    "How is this connected to that?"(Tsukuru Building/Kyoto)    

    "one"(Gallery Keifu/Kyoto)

2015 "EXCHANGE"(Gallery Maronie/Kyoto)

2016 "Fake blues"(+1art/Osaka)

2017 "Judgement and Repetition"(Gallery Wada/Tokyo)   

    "××××Yen People"(Gallery Keifu/Kyoto)

    "THE PEOPLE"(Taigado/Kyoto)

2018 "Yukyo Yamamoto Exhibition"(Matsuzakaya Department Store Shizuoka)
    "Yukyo Yamamoto Exhibition"(Seibu Ikebukuro/Tokyo) 


2012 "ART AWARD NEXT2012 Vol.2"Judge Award (Tokyo Art Museum)

2013 "Kyoto Prefecture Arts and Crafts Biennale"Open Category 1st Place Award (The Museum of Kyoto)    
          "New Face Debut Award" finalist(Gallery Wada, Gallery Fujii/Tokyo)

2014 "TERRADA ART AWARD"Excellence Award(T-Art Gallery/Tokyo)

2017 "7th Triennial Competition in Toyohashi, Hoshino Shingo Prize"Judges choice/Aichi Prefecture    

    "Fine Art Universiade U-35"Excellence Award(Tsukuba Museum/Ibaraki)

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