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Toshiyuki Shibakawa

Shibakawa has made the original paints and created paintings in the motif of the exposed buildings since his school life. In 1993, he moved to Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and was inspired by the Pompei ruins in Italy and the Kusado-sengen-cho ruins in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where he began to create works under the theme of "Modern society unearthed 2000 years later". In 1997, he stayed in Italy as an overseas researcher of the Ministry of Education, and studied fresco paintings and the ruins of Pompeii. He has lived in Okayama City since 2010. He is currently a professor at Shujitsu Junior College and a visiting professor at Hiroshima University Graduate School.


He has continually created artworks with the theme , “Today’s society excavated 2000 years later”. By transforming everyday objects into “fossils”, he makes them into icons of our present time, to explore contemporary society. By looking at our society through the lens of the future, perhaps we can discover solutions to problems in our society. He exhibits not only individual works, but also various things (Archaeological materials, artworks, antiques, relics, goods, etc.) in collaboration. He holds exhibitions and projects that focus on the region and place such as museums in Japan and overseas, historical buildings and shopping streets. At the same time, he holds workshops for a wide range of people, and continues to reexamine the existence of things and contemporary problems.


1966  Born in Osaka on January 11, the very day ALBERTO GIACOMETTI died.
1991  Completed the Master's Course (MFA) at Hiroshima University, Japan
1993  Lecturer at Fukuyama City Junior College for Women
        (2000~Assistant Professor, 2007~ Associate Professor)
1993  Visited the ruins of Kusadosengen (Hiroshima) for the first time and 
          begun creating artworks with the theme: 2000 years in the future.
1997  Studied in Milan, Italy as a visiting researcher, funded by the Ministry of Education
2002  Visited Berlin and London (received Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Young Scientists(B) from
          the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) 
2006  Energia Art Merit Prize, Energia Culture and Sports Foundation
2009  Cultural Encouragement Prize of Hiroshima Prefecture, Cultural Foundation of Hiroshima Credit Unions
2010  Associate Professor at Shujitsu Junior College

 Lives and works in Okayama.

<Selected Solo Exhibition>


2017  “Kurashiki Excavation Museum 2000 Years Later,”  Center For Archaeological operations Kurashiki (Okayama, Japan)
2015  “PLANET MUSEUM|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Taipei World Trade Center(Taiwan)

2014  “PLANET PYRAMID|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN(Fukuoka, Japan)
2013  “PLANET TACTILE|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Kawasaki City Museum (Kanagawa, Japan) 
2013  “SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki × Tentoumushi Project|PLANET SCHOOL,”  Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto, Japan)
2012  “PLANET SCROLL|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Yamaguchi, Japan) 
2010  “PLANET ANTIQUES,”  YOD Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
2009  “MAWASHI PROJECT,”  Towada Arts Center & Stores of Shopping Arcade in Towada City (Aomori, Japan) 

         “SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki: “PLANET WALL,”  a piece of space APS (Tokyo, Japan)

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