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Ryuzo Satake

Ryuzo Satake paints pointillist images with traditional Japanese mineral pigments. He intentionally constructs images void of brush marks, detaching personal memories and emotions. The enigmatic characters are left open to interpretation by the viewer. The pixellated quality, which draws from our contemporary digitalized environment, is juxtaposed with centuries-old techniques in his intricate work. As a young creator, Satake remains faithful to the Japanese painting medium, showing remarkable technical prowess, and at the same time, his unique approach places him on the wave crest of contemporary Japanese painting, and his dreamlike imagery is gaining popularity locally as well as abroad.


1987 Shimanto, Kochi

2012 Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Graduate School of Arts

Currently Lives in Kyoto

<Solo Exhibitions>

2017 “Kappa of Kitayama is Afraid of Deer Antler,” Galerie Aube, Kyoto
2016 “That Person,” ARTSPACE NIJI, Kyoto
    “Boys and Girls,” JIRO MIURA GALLERY, Tokyo
    “Small Existence”, YOD Gallery, Osaka
2015 “Rain, Wind and People,” Cul-Port, Kochi
2014 “Voices of Mountain,” ARTSPACE NIJI, Kyoto
    “Someone’s Child,” JIRO MIURA GALLERY, Tokyo
2013 “Paper, Paint and Painting,” gallery near, Kyoto
    “Someone’s Child,” YOD Gallery, Osaka
2012 “No place,” ARTSPACE NIJI, Kyoto
    “GEISAI#16 Jury Award Winner’s show 2: Takaori Katagiri Award Winner, Ryuzo Satake Solo Exhibition,” Hidari     Zingaro, Tokyo
2011 “Room of Others” Cul-Port, Kochi
    “T-JOY Kyoto x Kyoto University of Art and Design, Graduate Students | Ryuzo Satake Solo Exhibition,” T-JOY Kyoto
    Ryuzo Satake Solo Exhibition, ARTSPACE NIJI, Kyoto


2016 “Kyoten,” Museum Director’s Award
2014 “Kyoto Arts & Crafts Exhibition of Selected Young Artists,” Mainichi Newspapers Award
    “Concours des Tableaux,” Grand Prix, (received in ’14, ’11, ’09)
2012 “GEISAI#16,” Takaori Katagiri Award
2010 “ART AWARD NEXT #1,” Second Prize

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