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Yoko Miki

Miki was born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1963. Currently based in Kyoto Prefecture. After graduating from the Department of Ceramics, Faculty of Arts, Osaka University of Arts, graduated from the Department of Arts, Department of Arts, Osaka University of Arts Graduate School. 

By exhibiting the artworks that she combines ceramic objects made by hand with industrial products that have contradictory concepts, she creates an installation that appeals to the unconscious area inside the body.She considers the emotions she has about the existence of an invisible world hidden in everyday life, and makes the artworks under the theme of "darkness and boundaries." The concept of the boundary between life and death, consciousness and unconsciousness underlies her subject. Furthermore, her choice of colors, limited to black and white, represents the ideas of Yin Yang and front and back.


1963 Born in Hyogo, Japan

1986 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Ceramic art course

1988 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, a post graduate course

2001-  Teach at Osaka University of Arts, Ceramic art

<Solo Exhibitions>

1988 GALLERY HAKU (Osaka) / '90

1993 Gallery Maronie (Kyoto) / '95,'97

2002 Gallery TAF (Kyoto) / '06

2005 VOICE GALLERY psf/w (Kyoto) / '07


2008 Azabujuban Gallery (Tokyo)

2009 gallery yuragi (Kyoto)


2011 NAUFU GENDAI (Gifu)/ '13

2019 Note Gallery (Osaka)/ '19

<Art Fairs>

2002 ART in CASO (Kaigandori gallery CASO, Osaka) / ' 03, '04, '05

2007 Kyoto Gallery Art Fair 2007 (Miyako messe, Kyoto)

    TCAF 2007 (Toubi Art Forum, Tokyo)

2008 KIAF 2008 (Soul,Korea)

    ART ASIA Miami 2008 (Miami, United States)

2012 Art fair Kyoto (Monterey Hotel Kyoto, Kyoto)

2013 ART OSAKA 2013 (Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka) / ' 14, '15, '16

2015 YOUNG ART TAIPEI (Taiwan)

2017 KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa (KUMU Kanazawa THE SHARE HOTELS,Isikawa)

2018 Kobe art marche (Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Hyogo)

2019 KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa (KUMU Kanazawa -THE SHARE HOTELS, Kanazawa)

2020 ART NAGOYA (hotel Nagoya castle, Nagoya)

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