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Natsuki Machida

In 2005, graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School.

For Natsuki Machida(b.1980), painting is as natural as breathing or eating. It is also a way to break free from societal pressure. When she paints, she is released from the expectations of how to be or act. Society makes decisions about what emotions are appropriate and which should be controlled. Machida has tuned into the way emotions are judged, and incorporates even the negative emotions into her work, and turns them into tools of expression. Yet she avoids displaying the cause or direction of emotion in detail. The objects of anger or sadness, or even happiness, are not stated specifically in her images, thus the absence of a tangible story allows her to picture a world where emotions may come and go as they are, without judgment or criticism.


1980 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2005 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School

<Solo Exhibitions>

2007 Natsuki Machida Exhibition, Gallery Ami, Osaka
2008 “- Impulse of a Virgin -”, YOD Gallery, Osaka
2009 “MURMUR”, YOD Gallery, Osaka
2014 "Flowers and eyebrow"、 YOD Gallery, Osaka

<Selected Group Exhibitions>

2006 Released Line of Sight, Tangling Vision, Imura Art Gallery, Kyoto
    Youth Who Paint the Human Figure, THE GALLERY Tanaka Art, Kobe
    Clothing brand VIS, 10 Year Anniversary Advertisement Illustration
2007 “ART SALAD” SOHO Art Gallery, Osaka
2008 ART OSAKA 2008, YOD Gallery, Dojima Hotel, Osaka
    DAEGU ART FAIR 2008, YOD Gallery, Korea
2009 “Emotional Colors”Sakurako Hamaguchi and Natsuki Machida Exhibition, Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo
    ART OSAKA 2009, YOD Gallery, Dojima Hotel, Osaka
2010 Art Fair Kyoto, YOD Gallery, Hotel Montre Kyoto
    ART OSAKA 2010, YOD Gallery, Dojima Hotel, Osaka
    Art Gwangju 2010, YOD Gallery, KDJ Convention Center, Korea
2011 “Three Women, Three Leaves, YOD Gallery, Osaka
2014    Affordable Art Fair HongKong 2014, YOD Gallery, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Young Art Taipei 2014, YOD Gallery, Regent Taipei, Taipei
2015 ART OSAKA 2015, YOD Gallery, Dojima Hotel, Osaka
    Natsuki Machida Exhibition, New OSAKA Hotel, Osaka
2016 LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2015, Lumine Shinjuku, Tokyo
    Art Taichung 2016, YOD Gallery, Millennium Hotel Taichung
2018 YOD Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition『十』,YOD Gallery, Osaka
    ART OSAKA 2018, YOD Gallery, Hotel Granvia, Osaka

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