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Issay Kitagawa

Issay Kitagawa (b. 1965) graduated Tsukuba University in 1987 and entered GRAPH, a design and printing company, where he's presently the executive director and president. He pays attention to materials and effects while creating unique designs. His is active in Japan and internationally, and his work branches from graphic design to other creative areas as well. Drawing on his experience with GRAPH, he has even presented mixed media artworks. In 2007 he formed the collaborative unit “Hintobi” with Kenshu Shintsubo to pursue further creative expression.


Born in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1965.

Graduated from University of Tsukuba in 1987.

Joined GRAPH (formerly Kitagawa Shiki Printing Co., Ltd.) in 1989.

It has been evaluated by many clients, from local SMEs to famous overseas luxury brands, by proposing the “design as a management resource” from the perspective of both managers and designers.


1996 JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association) Newcomer Award.

2006 Tokyo TDC Award 2007 Special Award.

2007 NY ADC (New York Art Directors Club) Award.

    Tokyo TDC Award 2008 TDC Award.

2011 JAGDA 2011 Award.

2017 Package design “GRAPHxSEED G series” selected Topawrds Asia

2018 “GRAPHxSEED G series” package design won ADC Award.

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