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Kosuke Kimura 

Kimura studied print at Kyoto City University of Arts in the late 1950s. After graduation, he became a graphic designer, and his experience led him to challenge his notion of making prints as contemporary art. Kosuke Kimura came out to be an artist in his 30’s in the later 1960’s while Art had become more democratic with the high growth of economy in Japan.


In the best use of silkscreen and photography with the latest technology, he represented a pile of both virtual and real images from visual experiences excessed with everyday-updated information in the developing life. He, called as “a chiold of the age”, continuously received numerous numbers of awards from international competitions after his début. On the other hand, his independent challenge to the representation in prints    was unique and controversy against the established concept and classification in the Japanese print circles at the time.


In 1987, he became a professor in Kyoto Institute of Technology and became the 9th president of the university in 1998. Reflecting reality in daily life in his works, he continued contributing and relating to many activities with art in the society and finally received a Purple Ribbon Medal in 1999.


Meguro Museum of Art (Tokyo, Japan)

 Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (Aichi, Japan),

Tate Modern (London, UK),

Museum of Modern Art (New York, US),

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (Tehran, Iran),

Kröller-Müller Museum (Otterlo, Netherlands),

Inhotim Museum (Brumadinho, Brazil)

Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus (Munich, Germany). 

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