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Masashi Hattori

Masashi Hattori(b.1977, Hokkaido) investigates communication between people, creating sculptural artwork in various media. His observations and explorations of human nature from various angles are expressed through his signature icon “human”. He strives to create a new kind of “interesting” by harmonizing collective memories and the five senses. His unique expression has gained much recognition, including a nomination for the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art (TARO Award).


1977 Born in Hokkaido, lives in Osaka

2003 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Graduate School

<Solo Exhibitions>

2010 "Hand ◯ Foot", Gallery Naufu, Gifu 

2011 "◯ Re ↑ Birth ◯", YOD Gallery, Osaka

    "Hito ◯ Word ◯ Hito", gallery ARTISLONG, Kyoto

2013 "Now ○ I ○ Past ○ I", YOD Gallery, Osaka

2014  "□ = △ = ○", YOD Gallery, Osaka

2015 "Thank you", Gallery Naufu, Gifu

2018 “1○○×1○=1○○○”, YOD Gallery, Osaka

<Group Exhibitions>

2010 "under 100", YOD Gallery, Osaka

    "OSAKA ART NOW", Hillside Terrace, Tokyo

    "Convert #photograph", Gallery Artislong, Kyoto

    YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2010、Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taiwan

    Art gwangju 2010、KDJ Convention Center, South Korea

2011 "CRIA", Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto

    "Cheer Up!", Gallery Artislong, Kyoto

2012 ART TAINAN, Taiwan

    "jun_ch SITE #03", Gallery&cafe Zoologipue, Osaka

2014 Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2014、(from YOD Galler), Belgiu

    Art Expo Malaysia 2014, Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center (from YOD Gallery), Malaysia

2016 VOLTA12 Basel(from YOD Gallery), Switzerland

    BAZAAR art JAKARTA 2016(from YOD Gallery), Indonesia

2017 "25th Anniversary-Director’s Collection2, TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka

2018 "YOD Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition, YOD Gallery, Osaka

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