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Daniel de la Cruz

Daniel Dela Cruz (b. 1966) obtained a degree in Philosophy from the prestigious University of the Philippines in 1991.

He found work in an export company as a product designer creating gift items and Christmas décor designs. Back to his childhood love of sculpting, his  inborn skills, along with his discipline and perseverance, led to his promotion as the leading product designer, and ultimately a full partner and president of the company. He became well-known for his designs and his expert use of diverse materials, with his products distributed and trademarked in the United States, Canada and Europe. He was the first Filipino designer to develop ceramic collections for the prestigious company, Villeroy & Boch in Germany.In 2007, he mounted his first solo exhibition, Kandungan, themed as a tribute to women and giving birth to what would be his signature and trademark: robust women defined with grace, strength and wonderful movement.

He has chosen women and motherhood as his motifs, and he is known for his Rubenesque figures of women, often depicted mid-motion in exhilarating dances. De la Cruz has developed original techniques of melding and shaping lead, copper, brass, iron, nickel and bronze. All pieces are unique, as no casts are made, but each work is individually created. 

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