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Chang Li-Ren

Li-Ren Chang was born in Taichung City, Taiwan in 1983. Arts after graduating from the National Taiwan University of Arts, he has started to produce this award-winning series of works, titled "Classic Skin Flick". Having won three prestigious awards, First Prize at the 8th Taishin Arts Awards,  the Taipei Arts Award (2009) and the Kaohsiung Award (2009).  this series of works was exposed at the Taipei Fine Art Museum and Shanghai Art Museum which had grown his reputation rapidly. Since then, his works have been exhibited at the museums in Beijing in China and Gyeongsangnam-do in Korea.Chang’s body of work mainly consists of video installations, conceptual art and animations created from his story-telling techniques, featuring a virtual world that exists somewhere between imagination and reality.

Chang has participated in many important exhibitions, festivals and biennials, including: “City Flip-Flop”, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Taipei (TW, 2019), “Once Upon A Time-Unfinished Progressive Past”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (TW, 2019), “Wild Rhizome: 2018 Taiwan Biennial”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (TW, 2018), “Asia Anarchy Alliance”, Tokyo Wonder Site (JP, 2014), “Remaster vs Appropriating the Classics ”, am Space, Hong Kong (CN, 2014), “Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0”, Transmediale, Berlin (DE, 2013) / Cyberfest, St. Peterburg (RU, 2013) / Arts Electronica, Linz (AT, 2013).

Chang was shortlisted for the Taishin Arts Award (TW, 2010); awarded First Place of Kaohsiung Awards (TW, 2009); awarded First Place of Taipei Art Awards (TW, 2009).


1983 Born in Taichung City,Taiwan

2006 Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts2006 Graduate in National Taiwan University of Arts

2011 Graduatde from Tainan National University of the Arts

<Solo Exhibitions>

2013  This is a Book, Art Studio, Eslite Xinyi Store,Taipei,Taiwan.

2011  Battle City1.1 ,TaishinTower1F,Taipei,Taiwan.

2011  Neo Friends- Display its loneliness, VT Art Salon ,Taipei,Taiwan.

2010  Battle City,Kao Yuan Art Center,Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

2009  Irdina, k's art,Tainan,Taiwan.

<Selected Group Exhibitions>

2013  Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0, Cyberfest, Saint Petersburg.

     LOVE LOVE:Animamix Biennale 2013-14, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

     ROMANCE of NG,Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

     Schizophrenia Taiwan 2.0,Ars Electronica,Austria, Linz.

     Unpromising 3D Video Festival, Fotoaura Institute of Photography,Tainan,Taiwan.

     Mona Lisa Made in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

     True Illusion, Illusory Truth - Contemporary Art Beyond Ordinary Experience, Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei.

2012  Safe Zone for Artists, hong-gah Museum,Taipei.

     Made in Taiwan, Input / Output Gallery, Hong Kong.

     Turning a Blind Eye, Agora Art Project x Space,Taipei,Taiwan.

2011  Don’t Brush Off What You See, Tina Keng Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan.

     Parts and Whole Today’s Perspectives in Art from East Asia,hiromiyoshii,Tokyo.

     Trans-Plex:Weaving Platform,Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts,Taiwan..

     Video Taiwan, FRAC Nord -Pas de Calais,France.

     Dream Land - By Lee Chia-Yu, Liao Zen-Ping, Chang, Li Ren and Liu Yun-Yi, ULTRA ART FAIR, Tokyo.

2010  OOPJECT, Tina Keng Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan.

     Young Art Taipei,Taipei,Taiwan.

     8th Taishin Arts Award,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

     Mingling The Palace Museum Post-Motherland Sentiments, Inart Space,Tainan,Taiwan.

     The Contemporary Art ofTaiwan,Gyeongnam Art Museum,Korea

     Super Generation@TAIWAN,Today Art Museum,Beijing.

2009  Taipei Arts Award,Taipei Fine Art Museum,Taipei.

     Super Generation@TAIWAN,Shanghai Art Museum,Shanghai.

     Very Fun Park,Taipei,Taiwan.

     Wonder Show 01 Video Show Plug-Inart space,Inart Space,Tainan,Taiwan.

     Young Art Taipei,Taipei,Taiwan.

     Welcome to the Desert of the Real,Taichung,Taiwan.

     The 7th Taoyuan Creation Award,Taoyuan,Taiwan.

     Kaohsiung Awards 2009,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

     Neo Kaohsiung Wave-2nd Wave ”Liberty-Techniques”,Sincewell Gallery,Kaohsiung,Taiwan.

2006  Special Administrative Region,Taipei,Taiwan.

2005  Bear and Tank,Taipei,Taiwan.

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