Takuro Sugiyama

Takuro Sugiyama concentrates on representing his intuitive sense to form objects transcending the border between the second dimension and the third dimension, painted on canvases in the good use of lines and sides drafted by hands in all the process. Assimilating his self-feelings with excellent painting techniques, he suggests dynamism of abstract expression. His visionary third-dimensional sense that he tries to express on canvases is an infinite challenge to human’s faculty of sight. There are lots of contradiction and tricks in his third-dimensional expression by brush strokes. His paintings make the viewer’s eyes confused and paralyse the viewer’s sense of space. He deliberately represents fictional forms created in his imagination, which could be defined as the 2.5th dimension that was unable to exist in the physical space. His reputation as a new generation of abstract expression has increased in group shows and art fairs since he had his solo exhibition and his works have been already collected widely in Asia, such as Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. His solo exhibition is also planning to be held internationally in several countries in Asia.