Stitch Dog

Stitch Dog reproduces digital devices and materials such as laptops, iPhones, and electronic circuit boards through needlework. Through the work of the hand, and by choosing the process associated strongly with the female, the artist attempts to create what she calls “geeky” and “solid” world.


Hand stitch, the process is intentionally chosen by Stitch Dog is time-consuming and almost torturing. However, according to the artist, the resulting works somehow carrying the aura, the residual feelings and thoughts of the worker, is the beauty of the hand stitch. Also by revealing and reproducing the electronic circuit boards that are normally hidden inside, the artist forces the viewers’ gaze to be fixed.


In some works presented for this show, the artist chose to use lead. For Stitch Dog, this material is closely related to the human body. It symbolizes the ageing of the body, or a body as a prison of a soul. Also in Japan, there is an expression “body is heavy as lead.” Through the use of the material in her devices, Stitch Dog also refers to the aging of computers. Nothing lives forever.