Hiroshi Shinno

Hiroshi Shinno (b. 1979) creates “Ikimono (life)” sculptures. The ideas behind his works are greatly influenced by environmental concerns. He represents voices of nature which mankind ignores easily or alters only for our convenience.  "Ikimono (life) sculpture" is a series of a single beetle-like creature, which reflects his love and ideals toward nature. Shinno's relationship with nature goes back to his childhood and it is the source of his creativity. Whether he is in the residential area or the countryside, he often walks around and picks up pieces of nature. Naturally, the characteristics of the Japanese climate or any other climates are brought into his sculptures. The selected pieces, such as flowers, plants, seeds and leaves, are carefully cast using synthetic resin. Shinno constructs his sculptures with these small parts in order to embody his imagination in the form of “Ikimono” creatures. One could say they are the embodiment of the real-world and fantasy by virtue of the unworldly beauty and precise craftsmanship in the artwork.