Ryuzo Satake

Ryuzo Satake applies the method of pointillism in Japanese paintings and uses mineral pigments in order to create stillness and transparent feel which represent anonymity of the subject and fragmented memories of landscapes. He has already awarded GEISAI#16 Takanori Takeshi prise in 2012 and ART AWARD NEXT #1 second prize in 2010, which proves his increasingly acclaimed talent and promising future in the Japanese art scene. His works represent somewhat ambiguous and lyrical feel which evokes the viewer's personal emotion and thought. The artist intentionally detaches any personal touches, such as memories and emotions, toward the subject by the mechanical use of brush marks, namely regular dotting. As a result, the subject of paintings loose artist's personal markings and becomes a purer form. The meaning of subject is left with individual viewers to translate and personalise with their own thought. This application of the technical method and use of ambiguous form to Japanese paintings are reviewed as a new type of portrait paintings and gaining attention not only from the world of traditional Japanese paintings but also from the world of contemporary art.