Hidehito Matsubara

Matsubara started creating works as a professional artist in 2002. Since then he has had group exhibitions from 2010 onwards, the most significant being a showing at the Kobe Watakushi Museum in Hyogo, Japan (2011) while other group showings have taken place between 2010 -2012 at various galleries in Japan. Matsubara has had one Solo exhibition in 2011 at Gallery Buburindo in Hyogo, Japan.

Matsubara’s almost miniature artworks are remarkable and incredibly striking, as well as exhibiting exceptional handiwork. Painted paper is ripped by hand to small pieces and assembled to generate an alluring world. Are these feathers or scales, or other patterns that imitate nature’s language? The otherworldly feel to the works evokes curiosity in viewers and a fascination stemming from the obviously time consuming and delicate nature of the works. In some pieces the layers of paper radiate outwards, as if it is a sharp-edged version of ripples on water, in others, the configurations imply that the work is a partial representation of some creaturely or floral origin. Whatever thoughts these pieces conjure, each has a distinct yet quiet appealing presence reminiscent of the natural world and its phenomena, but also with a sense of the futuristic. Beholding one of these unusual works is akin to glimpsing an exquisite treasure.