Hideki Kuwajima

Hideki Kuwajima was born in Osaka, the year 1964 and graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film in

1989. Hideki KUWAJIMA is known for his magnificent photographs and glass objects that show the variety of light both in-plane surface and in solid space. His works have been collected by David ELLIOTT, the ex-director of Mori Art Museum, Takahashi Collection, corporate LVMH and his artwork titled "Equal" has been exhibited as a window display at Maison Hermes located at Ginza, Tokyo Tokyo during the winter of 2008-2009. Based on circumspect speculation on final outcomes, Hideki Kuwajima carefully lines up glasses and decanters and photographs those vessels with large format cameras. Employing digital technology with high precision and a technique close to silver halide prints, he displays on large-sized photographic paper, the visuals of multilayer which is utilised by the transparency of glass. The complicated but balanced composition and the dignified atmosphere sometimes raise the association with Mandala, the world view in the Hindu and Buddhist religion. Kuwajima's works often attract viewers because of the magnificence andnext, bring about the contemplation upon the philosophy inside.