Arata Higuchi

Arata Higuchi (b.1988) applies the method of pointillism in Japanese paintings with the use of mineral pigments in order to represent Chameleons that are distinctive and highly specialized clades of old world lizards with variety species, which come in a range of colours and many species have the ability to change colours. The surface of paintings is filled to the brim with dots, which are the classic motif in Arata's artworks. For Arata, choosing chameleon as the subject is not simple like picking up decorative patterns, but from more complex personal choices. Chameleons are painted as if it is still growing, eating away artist's energy during the process of creation. Those growing Chameleons let viewers experience the compelling visualization of his creative energy. This application of the technical method and use of ambiguous form to Japanese paintings are reviewed as a new type of animal painting and gaining attention not only from the world of traditional Japanese paintings but also from the new method of expressing art.