Hebime is a self-taught artist who started painting after leaving high school due to depressive disorder in 1997. He had difficulty in communicating with people and went to social withdrawal, staying in his house, only fascinated with keeping reptiles, such as snakes, lizards and chameleons. He painted figures mixed with strange animals in pen markers and moved to more abstract paintings in acrylic after 2008. He began posting his paintings online with the artist name Hebime (snake eyes in Japanese), and was eventually introduced to galleries and started exhibiting his work.

In Hebime’s recent works, he carves a surface consisting of many layers of acrylic paints using a chisel, resembling a Japanese traditional lacquer decoration technique. This unique method is called "acrylic scratch" and it creates a strong and unforgettable impression on the viewer. His works are identified by his eccentric color variations. They give us a chance to interpret them in many ways. By changing the way of displaying his works, his abstract works generate new senses each time they are viewed.