Hiroyoshi Asaka

Hiroyoshi Asaka grew up in the city of Sakai in Osaka prefecture. He became acquainted with traditional Japanese swordsmithing and was impressed by the functional beauty of the curved blade from a young age. In his artistic expression, he strives to illustrate the collective Japanese soul. By using the sword as his motif, he pays homage to the centuries of tradition that shaped modern Japan. He blends the classical aesthetic of sculpture with subculture-like imagery to craft his unique pieces. His goal is to create art that is fresh, yet rooted in his Japanese heritage. When sculpting with stone, the craftsman may only create a shape by reducing unnecessary material. Nothing can be added later. This finality of the process is uncannily similar to the way of the samurai, which emphasizes discipline and honour. A warrior pays for a mistake with his life. Through the medium of stone sculpting, Asaka channels the samurai’s constant awareness of his mortality. The philosophy comes together in his dynamic pieces, executed with impeccable technique, that is steadily gaining attention in Japan as well as abroad.