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Past Exhibitions

□ TAKI HIROKO solo exhibition "Laterite" 9th - 21th February, 2015

□ Agathe de Bailliencourt solo exhibition "FROM HILLS TO HERE" 21st March - 11th April, 2015

□ Hideki Kuwajima solo exhibition "Tone Scape" 9th - 30th May, 2015

□ Motonori Uwasu solo exhibition "Landscape" 17th Oct - 21nd November, 2015

□ Rie Okamoto solo exhibition "Two Sides" 5th - 26th December, 2015

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9th - 21th February

□ Venue

  YOD Gallery

   4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

  TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

  URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

             Closed: Sunday 15th February

Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is delighted to present "TAKI HIROKO: Laterite" in a celebration of her winning "Sakuyakonohana award 2015". This will be her second exhibition held at YOD Gallery since April 2014.

TAKI HIROKO explores her own posture and style through her production process, these discoveries become the important materials for her own artistic expression. In this exhibition, she looks into the colour "red" which often appears in her works, by reflecting this colour on her own body and immanent senses.

TAKI says that "red" is, as well as the colour of her own blood and flesh, the proof that we inherit things from the past, which now are in her body. Her work "Trace the Earth" was presented at the Kizugawa Art 2014 last autumn. It is a documentary which projects her walking in Kizugawa River with wearing a long piece of red fabric. In this work, "red" makes a strong impression and this work expresses the sense of "the place" by walking in the river and feeling it through her red body. As with another work in the same exhibition, the red cloth that she wears was buried under small stones covering it on the ground. This shows her intention to explore the identities of herself and the place as she looks to find herself having existed in the past and also the memories rooted in the place, as if she put herself in the fairy tales of the place.

In this exhibition, she will look further at this red body and an abstract work "Laterite" will be presented in which some kind of space would be created from her body through the medium of photography. The expanded texture, with a black background, in her work reminds us of the ever spreading universe and the planets. This red skin was first used in the work "Bentenya (Japanese Sarasvati)" in 2012 and her basic idea of it has not changed to date, it is that she is aware of her blood and body as a component which connects herself and her ancestors. In her new work this idea has evolved even further. In the work of 2013 "Sanzui" and that of 2014 "Nikuduki", she searches for shapes used in her Chinese character "瀧" in the image of her body. One might say that this is rather direct way to search and representing herself identity, however, this time, it is more ambiguous and allows the imagination of the viewer by zooming into the surface, so that the viewer creates their own interpretation of the skin-like texture in the work.

During the course of the exhibition, TAKI will create an artwork at our gallery, which is open to public and the process of making is an important part of this piece. The Osaka city central public hall, where the awarding ceremony of “Sakuyakonohana award 2015” will take place, is known for a building with red bricks. This also gives her a further perspective to create works putting the colour red in her mind. You will see further into the deeply and uniquely developed world of TAKI HIROKO in this exhibition.


1988 Born in Osaka, Japan
2012 Seian University of Art and Design Experimental Class, Education.
    Lives and works in the Osaka

[Solo Exhibition]
2012 die-Reise (KUNST ARZT /Kyoto)
2013 naihousurukaihou (garerie weissraum /Kyoto)
2014 Hard to tear myself away (YOD Gallery / Osaka)

[Group Exhibition]
2007 TAKOASHI exhibition (namurazousenjouatochi / Osaka)
    Ashiyashi exhibition (Ashiya city museum / Hyogo)
2008 TAKOASHI exhibition vol.2 (81LAB / Osaka)
2013 Art Shower 2013 -summer- (Contemporary Art Spece Osaka)
    ArtShower 2013-summer-sankasakkaniyorutenrankai
    (Contemporary Art SpeceOsaka)
2014 Pilot Plant Drawings Exhibition (CAS / Osaka)
    Add me !! (KEPCO / Seoul)
    Kizugawa Art 2014 (Kyoto)


Trace the Earth, 2014
Video Document, Red cloth (50m), Gravel
Time: 00:38:33

Omoi, 2014

Kinugawa stretchforme, Frame, Rubber, Clamp, Wood panel,
Sublimation transferring printing

ICHORA (One's Sunday best), 2013
500×150 cm, (Depth variable),
Stretch fabric (Red), Rope, Stainless grommet, Body

Agathe de Bailliencourt


21st March - 11th April

□ Venue

  YOD Gallery

   4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

  TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

  URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

             Closed: Sunday, Monday

Exhibition Outline

We are delighted to present the exhibition of the French artist Agathe de Bailliencourt, who has been continuously presenting her works at exhibitions in many countries and currently resides in Berlin. This will be the second time we have hosted her exhibition since 2009 at our gallery. She has also exhibited her works in a number of places in Japan, such as Roppongi Art night and No Man’s Land at the embassy of France, Tokyo, in 2009.

Agathe de Bailliencourt works on canvas, paper, and directly onto space, architecture and nature with site-specific installations. Each medium mutually influences the others. The regular back-and-forth between the work in the studio and the outdoor installations helps her to change the perspective and develop the work further.

 A characteristic feature of her drawings in this exhibition is that, they look like a simple landscapes constructed with lines in the first instance, however on looking more closely at the works, one notices that the image is created with words. In this series of works, the relationship between the meaning of drawing letters continuously and the image of landscapes constructed with the letters is one of the most interesting points. This takes the role of suggesting tangible emotions in the abstract expression. Agathe de Bailliencourt is interested in a “description” of a landscape rather than its representation.

Agathe de Bailliencourt was invited to Kashima Beppu as an artist in Residence in November 2014. This project was supported by the embassy of France in Japan and her exhibition was held at the gallery of Institute Francais Kyushu last December. We will present her drawings made during the period of 2012 to 2014 including the works made during her stay in Oita as part of that residency.

Agathe de Bailliencourt profile

[Solo Exhibition]

2014   (Dec) Institut français, Fukuoka, Japan

"Water, Colour, Recordings", Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

           RH Contemporary Art, New York

          “Hues of Time”, Marfa Contemporary, Marfa, Texas

2013   “Sheer“, Benrimon Contemporary, New York

          “Eintritt“, General Hardware Contemporary, Toronto

2011   “Word and Wilderness“, Studio Krimm, Berlin. Curators: Barbara Krimm & Julia Rosenbaum

2010   “Expressway to your Skull“, Lu Magnus, New York

2009   “Haut les cœurs!“, Galerie Catherine & André Hug, Paris

“My so-called life (in Japan)“, YOD Gallery, Osaka

2008   “My so-called life”, Galerie Catherine & André Hug, Paris

“Occupation à 6”, Hugo Boss Exhibition Space, Berlin.
    Curator: Matthias Harder

2007   “Urban 64”, Taksu Gallery, Singapore

2006   “Tanglin”, Galerie Catherine & André Hug, Paris

“J’aime - J’aime pas”,Taksu Gallery, Singapore

2005   "J'aime - j'aime pas Wall”, Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store+65,     Singapore

[Group Exhibition]

2014     (Nov) Beppu Project, Kyushu - Project supported by the French       Embassy in Japan

2013-14 Marfa Contemporary, Marfa, Texas

2012      Art Omi, Ghent, New York

2011-12 Artist-in-Residence, Workspace, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council     (LMCC), New York

2009      Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo - Project supported by the French        Embassy in Japan

2007      French Cultural Center, Yogyakarta - Project supported by the       French Embassy in Indonesia



"We change 13", 2014
24 x 32 cm, ink on paper

"Je m'en fous- paysage 44", 2012
92,5 x 120 cm, ink on paper

"Je m'en fous- paysage 46", 2012
132 x 92,5 cm, ink on paper

Hideki Kuwajima

"Tone Scape"

9th - 30th May

□ Venue

  YOD Gallery

   4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

  TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

  URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

    Closed: Sunday, Monday

Exhibition Outline

We are delighted to present the exhibition of Hideki Kuwajima,“Tone Scape". This will be the second time we have hosted his exhibition since 2011 at YOD gallery.

Agathe de Bailliencourt works on canvas, paper, and directly onto space, architecture and nature with site-specific installations. Each medium mutually influences the others. The regular back-and-forth between the work in the studio and the outdoor installations helps her to change the perspective and develop the work further.

 Hideki Kuwajima is known as a photographer for a series of works which capture multilayers of light and shadow with the use of transparency in glasses. In this time, however, he tries a new idea which is that he captures images of the cities of Kyoto and Osaka in his works. Osaka is where he was born and grew up and Kyoto is where he has started living since last year. He faces these two cities with his camera seeing how he could create art works from these landscapes.

 In his new works, it is notable that he uses two different types of photographic films and in some cases he repeated this multiple times, duplicating these films in order to adjust a gradation of black-and-white. This process makes him taking a great deal of time and labor. But why does he choose analogue techniques of making in this time? Today, digital technique is used everywhere in our life and he also uses it in making some of his works. This is one of the reasons he chose to use analogue techniques as he thinks that it is important to consider which technique he uses and why he chooses that from the beginning. Another reason is that the time-taking process in which he dismantles the images and reconstructs into a new image with them gives time for him to create images that he wants to make. Finally he creates a new scape as a result of the reconstruction of the images, in which you can see the artist’s strict control and it is his high sense of configuration that is often seen in his past works. In this exhibition, new and unique sceneries are constructed by the artist, this is a sort of new challenge for him in terms of the use of a landscape yet it can also be said that the way of construction of these images is consistent with those of his past works.

”Tone Scape”

I do not bring my camera with me when I am out, so when the need to take a photography comes up, the usual scape looks suddenly different to me.

The things I saw through the squared frame of the camera are taken into a film as a past, and my heart gets excited about the next thing I will see when turning a corner. So I come and go between the past and the future.

I dismantle negatives of films which capture the fragmented images of those things, and I connect them together like searching for the images in the future. I repeat the reconstruction of the images as if experimenting. 

The new images are created by distorting the time of the recorded images, so these are my own very subjective sceneries that only I can know.

Hideki Kuwajima profile

1964   Born in Osaka

1989   Graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film


2000    APA 2000: 1st prize

1999    EPSON color imaging contest: judging committee award

1996    JACA: special award

1993    PARCO URBANART#2: fine work

[Solo Exhibition]

2012   “TTL” YOD Gallery, Osaka
2011   "The world - Vertical / Horizontal - TTL" Spiral, Tokyo

"TTL" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo

"Parallax" The Third Gallery AYA, Osaka

2010    ART OSAKA 2010 at Dojima Hotel, Osaka

2008   ''Vertical/ Horizontal" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo

2004    Roentgenwerke, Tokyo

2002    Lim Gallery, Osaka

Paper voice Gallery, Osaka

2001    Hokari Fine Art, Tokyo

2000    Hokari Fine Art, Tokyo

1999    Y's Bash, Nagoya

[Group Exhibition]

2013  “monochrome IX” Gallery EM, Tokyo
2012  “monochrome VI” Gallery EM, Tokyo
    "KOWAKU - Koh-jutsu Chapter III" Spiral, Tokyo
    "Koh-jutsu 2.52" ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY, Tokyo
    "Koh-jutsu 2.51" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
    "DGSM Print - The seven photographers" Gallry EM, Tokyo
2011  "Tedare~KOH-JUTSU vol.2" Spiral, Tokyo
    "TANAGOKORO 10" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2010  "KOH-JUTSU" Spiral, Tokyo
2009  "TANAGOKORO 9" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2008  ''Landshaft IV'' Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2004  ''ROENTGENIA'' Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
2003-04 ''108'' Ise Foundation, New York
2003  ''The Morning Glory'' Passage du Desir, Paris
    ''THE FORCIBLE REBOOT'' Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
    ''MONO'' Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
2001  ''Stay with Art'' Hotel T' Point, Osaka
1996  ''JACA'' Isetan, Tokyo
1993  ''PARCO URBANART#2: fine work'' PARCO gallery, Tokyo, etc.

[Other Activity]

2009   "Umebachi Chakai -exhibition at Japanese Tea Ceremony-" 21st       Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

2008   "Equal" Maison Hermes (Window Display), Tokyo



"Tone Scape 01", 2015
530 x 193 mm, Film Based Photography

"Tone Scape 05", 2015
533 x 174 mm, Film Based Photography

Motonori Uwasu


17th Oct - 21st Nov

□ Venue

  YOD Gallery

   4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

  TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

  URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

    Closed: 25th Oct - 4th Nov
       Sunday, Monday

Exhibition Outline

We are delighted to present the exhibition of Motonori Uwasu, “Landscape". This will be the second time we have hosted his exhibition since 2011 at YOD gallery. Uwasu has been creating his artworks with motifs of landscapes which he often sees in Osaka, where he grew up. This exhibition will show large scale monochrome paintings which capture the landscapes such as a multi-storey building and riverside in Hong Kong.
His paintings seem to depict a realistic scenery with a sharp shading, but behind that lies Uwasu’s unique method and concept. He does not only draw realistically, he draws as if he were taking an object apart in pieces and then re-constructing them again in a different way. He deconstructs an image of a landscape he chooses, taking the view from his own experiences and knowledge, and he creates a new image which is distant from his view point.
The processes of : saving-extra process, for example getting off signboards from the landscape, not leaving a blushing mark and unifying color tones at a very small level creates a sharp and cold impression to his artworks. However, his paintings seem to have polysemy which enable the viewers to connect with the works with their own memories and experiences. Perhaps, his works leave a space for us to create the meaning of the works with their own imagination. In this exhibition, the viewers will face the large landscape imaginary of Hong Kong in which Uwasu found similarities with Osaka, and could feel the power of the works themselves that allows them to create their own landscapes.


We choose to look at or pass by a landscape with our own knowledge, experiences, prejudice or values
Of course, the landscape I choose is also based on them as well.
We might miss a symbolic or monumental building or landscape if we do not know its historical background.
On the other hand, the thing looking just like trash could be something special for someone or it is just trash.
Thinking in this way, we could say that everything has the same value.
In order to get rid of my finger marks (knowledge, experiences, prejudice or values) from the landscape imagery I choose, I decompose it to a great deal of colors, sometimes remove them and take my time to put them in order and rebuild a new image.
I believe that this new landscape which appears again has taken a distance from me and gets closer to the thing of the “same value”.

Motonori Uwasu

Motonori Uwasu Biography

1975 Born in Osaka
1999 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts

[Solo Exhibition]
2011 "RE: Assemble", YOD Gallery, Osaka
Solo Exhibition, Fine Art Asia 2011(YOD Gallery), Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
2009 “Portrait in Landscape”, gallery Wks., Osaka
2007 “monochronicle”, space gallery roundish, Osaka
2006 “monochronicle”, gallery Wks., Osaka

[Group Exhibitions]
2014 silentscape, GALLERY wks., Osaka
2012 Photography by a paintbrush, State-Of-The-Arts-Gallery, Hong Kong
2010 OSAKA ART NOW, Hillside Terasse, Tokyo
2009 gallerism, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka
Opening Exhibition, ART SPACE ZERO-ONE, Osaka
2007 YOUNG JAPANESE LANDSCAPE, Museum of Young Art, Vienna, Austria
2006 Tank of Mind, gallery Wks., Osaka

Harbour City, Hong Kong


Untitled 2015
1940 x 1303mm, Acrylic on canvas

Untitled, 2013
970 x 1940 mm, Acrylic on canvas

Rie Okamoto

"Two Sides"

5th - 26th Dec

□ Venue

  YOD Gallery

   4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

  TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

  URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00
   Closed: Sunday, Monday

Exhibition Outline

We are delighted to present the exhibition of Rie Okamoto, “Two Sides". This will be the first time we host her exhibition at YOD gallery.
After completing her undergraduate study at Tama Art University and a MA in oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts, she went back to her hometown in Nara and started making a variety of graphic and abstract two-dimensional works. In 2014, she took part in a residency programme in Spain and presented the works she made there. She has been continuously making works which stimulate the viewer’s perception and consciousness until now. This exhibition presents an installation and works which shed light on the two sides of things, using the motif of a house.
A large number of house-shaped acrylic frames hung in a dark room move slowly, some of them are located inside the others. This creates trembling shades which give the viewer a feeling of floating and uncertainty. Two-dimensional works on the wall, display images of a crow and dark pond create an impression opposed to a sense of warmth or security which generally comes from images of home. Okamoto thinks that a house which is important for most of us in life is a place where life and death coexist, and she also looks at the hidden reality inside the house. Pointing out these two aspects, her works urge the visitor to have another point of view to or question ordinary perception and consciousness.

The use of light in the works creates a cold or unstable impression which is opposed to less striking images when thinking about a house. However, one light in the darkness lights up the scenery and seems to aid will to find hope in the incisive statements of the work. This new approach might come from the changes of her mind since she started teaching at school, and it brings the visitor to a different world form ordinary world.

Two Sides

For me a house is very ordinary and for most of us it is an important place.
House involves various opposed ideas. For example, comfort and anxiousness, hope and despair and life and death. These things coexist in the place.
The front side also has a backside and they are always together, so we do not need to be afraid of them.
If the backside doesn’t exist, the front side never exists either.

Rie Okamoto

Rie Okamoto Biography

1982 Born in Nara
2006 BA, Oil Painting, Tama Art University, Tokyo
2008 MBA, Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo

2005 “Shell Art Award” group exhibition, Hill Side Gallery, Tokyo
2007 “Sustainable Art Prject”, Tokyo
2010 “E-poi” group exhibition, Toki Art Space, Tokyo
2013 “Translucent Reality” solo exhibition, ECCO NAVE13, Cadiz Spain
“Big Blue Lie”, ECCO Hall, Cadiz Spain
2014 Solo exhibition, Kita Museum, Nara
“YURAGU” Solo exhibition, Institut français du Japon Kyushu, Fukuoka
“Kizugawa art 2014”, Kyoto