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Japan, 530-0047

T/F  +81 (0)6 6364 0775
E-mail info@yodgallery.com
Open: 12:00-19:00 | Mon-Sun

Past Exhibitions

□ Chika Tanikawa "I will accept everything some day" 23 November - 13 December, 2012

□ Aya Murata, Sayaka Shingu "Shape of Life" 27 October - 17 Nobember, 2012

□ Ken Kagajo, Takuro Sugiyama, Yasuhiro Hara, Hidehito Matsubara "No Words Needed" 4 September - 22 September, 2012

□ Hideki Kuwajima "TTL (Through The Lens)" 14 July - 4 August, 2012

□ Yozo Takada "Modeling Sound Project, No.1 AIR first verse" 7 April - 28 April, 2012

□ Kosuke Kimura "Collage of Images" 14 January - 4 February, 2012

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Chika Tanikawa

□ "I will accept everything some day"

23 November - 13 December 2012

□ Venue

YOD Gallery

4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

Closed: Sunday, Monday and public holiday

 Exhibition Outline

 YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition, “I will accept everything some day” by Chika Tanikawa (b. 1986), which will be held from 23rd November to 13th December 2012.


 Tanikawa defines her painting as "self-portrait" by herself. The subject she draws everyday in her self-portrait is "the empty self". She says that her "self portrait" is only a tool to express her external appearance and she does not presumably provide elements to form her ego in it. By supposing that her raison d’être is uncertain, she continues to paint "self-portrait" with the purpose to embrace and blurry herself.


 Growing up in her generation where it is difficult to find out one answer with enormous amount of information in the modern digitalised society, she employs the symbolic elements such as "I", "you" and "mother" as a critical filter to distinguish herself from others. However, the recognition that she is nothing more than part of the world deepens as doing so, which leads her to continue to paint her external appearance by feeling loneliness and ambiguity of personal existence. "I" in her paintings always changes and becomes far from what she used to be as time goes by, whilst it becomes existing forever. That is to say that it is represented as what can be perceived whoever.


 In addition, our body and consciousness, which are given to life through a mother, is towards to the death holding the past of childhood. Holding an inner conflict between affirmation and denial in the two sides such “mother and a child” and “life and death”, Tanikawa says that painting a self portrait as “mother” is identical with the act of praying for salvation in order to embrace everything like despair and hope some day.


 Through the experiences in group exhibitions and art fairs over the past two years since first her solo exhibition, new works by Tanikawa have been largely developed to the new portraits facing off against the reality of “the empty self“ from the past portraits with the motifs that are derived from her dreams and nostalgia for her hometown.

□ Chika Tanikawa Biography

1986 Born in Toyama

2010 Graduated from Kobe University
      Lecturer for Osaka Sogo College of Design

〈Solo Exhibitions〉
2009 ART HOUSE, Osaka
2010 I am a Piece of Dream, YOD Gallery, Osaka
2012  Art Fair Kyoto 2012, (YOD Gallery), Kyoto

〈Group Exhibitions〉
2007 No color No shape No sound, Kobe Art Village Centre, Kobe
    ART STREAM 2007, Suntory Museum, Osaka
2008 GEISAI #11, Tokyo Big Site
2009 Comic Art Festa, Hep Hall, Osaka
    ART STREAM 2009, Suntory Museum, Osaka (YOD Gallery Award)
2010 GEISAI #14, Tokyo Big Site
    ART OSAKA, (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka
        ULTRA 003, (YOD Gallery), Spiral, Tokyo 
        SHAKE ART!EXHIBITION 2010, Miyakomesse, Kyoto
2011 ASIA TOP GALLERY HOTEL FAIR HK11, (YOD Gallery), Mandarin         Oriental, Hong Kong 
        YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2011, (YOD Gallery), Sunworld Dynasty           Hotel, Taipei 
        ART OSAKA 2011, (YOD Gallery), Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka 
        TASTING ART EXHIBITION, Hankyu MEN'S, Osaka 
        HANKYU MEETS ART SUMMER, Hankyu Umeda, Osaka
        MAISON D’ART presents “Ma Chanson Favorite Vol.4″, E-MA Umeda,     Osaka 
        CHIC ART FAIR 2011, Cite de la Mode et du Design, Paris
        Manpukuji Art Festival -EN- 2011, Ohbaku-shu Manpukuji, Kyoto

2012 YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2012, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei
        Lumiere Hall, Civic Cultural Hall Kadoma

□ Images

Chika Tanikawa
"Scent of Mother" 2012
Acrylic on canvas
60.6 x 50 cm

Aya Murata, Sayaka Shigu

□ "Shape of Life"

27 October-17 November 2012

□ Venue

YOD Gallery

4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

Closed: Sunday, Monday and public holiday

 Exhibition Outlin

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, “Shape of Life”, by Aya Murata (b. 1979) and Sayaka Shingu (b.1979) which will be held from 27th October and 17th November 2012.

Both Murata and Shingu, born in Kyoto and Osaka in the Kansai area, develop daring representation of abstract ceramics that are decoratively detailed in the feminine sense. They used to share the same studio with others and had exchanged their skills and expressions in being aware of each other. They distinctively express their inner thoughts in the nature of human and their individuality in their pursuit of representing ceramics with their common feature and differences. 

The point in common between their executions is a result of expressing “life” in organic forms like flowers, plants and corals. The foundation of representing ceramics is prior to precede medium and skills, starting with restrictions, such as firing and pottery. Therefore, they are unable to choose mediums previously as a means to express themselves. It can be said that they executed a work in a form of flowers at the beginning as a result from the process of touching, crumpling and kneading clay.

While Murata expresses ever-changing feeler like organic forms in the use of the colourful skill of “Nerikomi (Slabs of different clays coloured with stains are pressed into logs, sliced, and arranged to form)”, Shingu executes works in monotone with petals and many narrow and needle-like pistils and stamens. They seem to be elegant and flowery as it appears to be, but Murata actually represents luridness with unique patterns in the vivid colours and Shingu seizes a sense of decay and mortality with the fragile form in the monotone colour.

 Murata’s luridness means human’s “greed”, “jealousy”, “envy” and “ambition”. She refers the luridness as attraction for human that feeds life to grow up by expressing the sense in the organic form like sea creatures. On the other hand, Shingu conceptualise to make grotesque things, which is by no means beautiful in time-decaying, look as pretty as possible by her skills that she has disciplined by herself. Shingu also considers the monotone as a way to get rid of excess and to project her self in her works. The clear difference between their presentations of “life” is that Murata captures the flow of time as “growth” turning towards up and Shingu seizes it as the sense of “decay” seems falling down.

 In the process of the exhibition, “Form of Life”, they have developed more their own distinctive abstraction and concepts by clarifying their own consciousness to their executions in the close comparison. We would like you to experience works that both Murata and Shingu represent small and large works with their own sense to “life” in the installation.

□ Images

Aya Murata
"Reproduction" 2012
Ceramic 38 x 39 x 40 cm

Sayaka Shingu
"Eclipsed Ceramic" 2011
Ceramic, 70 x 36 x 45 cm

"Je m'en fous- paysage 46", 2012
132 x 92,5 cm, ink on paper

□ Venue

YOD Gallery

4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

Closed: Sunday, Monday and public holiday

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition, “No Words Needed” introducing four following artists, Ken Kagajo (b. 1974), Takuro Sugiyama (b. 1983), Yasuhiro Hara (b. 1983) and Hidehito Matsubara (b. 1973), which will be held from 4th to 22nd September.

Languages which grasp the essence of our own feelings and facts offer us clear directions. On the other hand, through the vision, art gives us scope for going anywhere within the world of each artwork, which is filled with both thoughts and physical movements of the artists. Most of us tend to stay in our comfort zone not knowing where to go since its world is infinite in which no direction is given as languages do. At such time, although it seems easier to depend on languages to understand concepts or what are in works, the truth is that we just like standing in front of them rather than exploring their inner worlds. Appreciating works through languages not only restricts the view of them but also makes us think that there should be one right way to embrace them. However, when we are so into them and feel sure that we can go wherever we like, no language is directing us and existing anymore. What exists is the feeling that our body itself is tugged toward into and gradually becomes one with them, which cannot be represented with any word. Particularly, abstract works are often thought to need a word because of their difficulty to take a specific object, but an appreciation within the free viewing is possible to find new concepts by our feelings in order to relish the unnecessity of languages and the denial of the correctness.

The artists in this exhibition express the one and only world which educes our sensitivity whilst they have in common in terms of representing abstract expressions. Kagajo represents bold forms with colours in the use of discharge and dyeing technique placing much value on his emotions and physical movement. Sugiyama depicts visionary third dimension on canvases in the good use of free-hand lines and sides having balance between lights and colours. Hara paints the light itself which illuminates the darkness and enfolds its surroundings in the main subject by drawing countless crosses, which evoke the primitive image. Matsubara creates the fascinating and profound representation as a result of tearing paper coloured by him into a tiny bit of pieces with his hands and laying each other. Although each artist has their own distinct concept, it is not wrong for us to have a different point of view from their original thoughts. It is the power of the works that brings themselves into life and enable us to indulge into their inner world without any bind.

Even though this gist could be unnecessary as this exhibition is titled “No Words Needed”, we would like you to experience the true intension of this exhibition with your sensitivity giving yourself over the abstract works, which embody the denial of languages and the correctness.

□ Ken Kagajo Biography

1974 Born in Osaka
2000 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School

[Solo Exhibition]
2000 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto ('01, '02, '04, '06) 
2001 Gallery Senbikiya, Tokyo ('06)
2002 GALERIE SOL, Tokyo ('05, '07)
2003 Wacoal Ginza Art Space , Tokyo ('05)
2004 Gallery Gallery, Kyoto
2006 gallery den, Osaka
2007 Gallery Planet, Nagoya
2009 “Positive Taboo”, YOD Gallery, Osaka
2011 “transFLAT”, YOD Gallery, Osaka
         Gallery Yuragi, Kyoto
[Group Exhibition]
1998 3rd Shell Art Award, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo
2002 Selected Artists in Kyoto, Kyoto Cultural Museum, Kyoyo, ('06)
     12th Some-Seiryu Exhibition, Kyoto Municipal Museum of art,
     Meguro Museum of art ('04, '07)
     2nd International Tapestry Art Biennale, Beijing
2004 3rd International Fiber Art Biennale,
    Shanghai Library Conference an Exhibition Center
2005 CRIA , Kyoto Art Center
     Selected Artists in Kyoto, Kyoto Municipal Museum of art
     Two Artists Exhibition, Gallery Keifu, Kyoto ('06, '07, '08)
     Kaunas Art Biennale, Lithuania
2006 Japanese Suppleness -contemporary art from Japan-, Denmark
     Art Court Frontier 2006#4, ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka
2007 International Craft Trend Fair, COEX, Seoul
2008 Group Exhibition, Musee de Some Seiryu, Kyoto,('09, '11)
2009 ART OSAKA (YOD Gallery, '10, '11, '12), Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka 
     Kobe Art Marche (YOD Gallery, '10), Crowne Plaza Kobe, Hyogo 
     EMERGING DIRETORS' ART FAIR "ULTRA002" (Ryotaro Ishigami,
    YOD Gallery), Spiral, Tokyo
2010 Under 100, YOD Gallery, Osaka 
     Kyoto Kougei Biennale, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto 
     ART FAIR TOKYO 2010 (YOD Gallery), Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo 
     ART FAIR KYOTO (YOD Gallery), Kyoto 
2011 The Osakan Dreams, (YOD Gallery), JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, Osaka
        The Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011 (YOD Gallery),
    F1 Pit Building, Singapore
2012 Group Exhibition, studio J/ STANDARD BOOKSTORE, Osaka
        CHIKURINJI ART EXPERIENCE , Chikurinji, Kochi

□ Takuro Sugiyama


1983 Born in Chiba and lives in Hyogo

2004 Graduated from Osaka Collage of Art


[Solo Exhibition]

2004 Osoblanco, Osaka ('06)

2007 Gallery58, Tokyo

        space gallery roundish, Osaka

2008 "Hyper-Geometrism", YOD Gallery, Osaka

2010 "PLUS MASS", YOD Gallery, Osaka


[Group Exhibition]

2004 Japan-China Art Exchange, Shanghai University, China

2008 ART OSAKA 2008 (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka

2009 ART FAIR TOKYO 2009 (YOD Gallery), Tokyo Bldg. TOKIA, Tokyo

        ART OSAKA 2009 (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka

        KOBE ART MARCHE 2009 (YOD Gallery), Crowne Plaza Kobe, Hyogo

        EMERGING DIRECTORS' ART FAIR "ULTRA 002" (Ryotaro Ishigami,
    YOD Gallery), Spiral, Tokyo

2010 Under 100, YOD Gallery, Osaka

        ART FAIR TOKYO 2010 (YOD Gallery), Tokyo International Forum,

        YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2010 (YOD Gallery), Sunworld Dynasty Hotel,

        ART OSAKA 2010 (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka

        art gwangju 2010 (YOD Gallery), KDJ Convention Center, Korea

2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair HK (YOD Gallery), Mandarin Oriental,
    Hong Kong

        YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2011 (YOD Gallery), Sunworld Dynasty Hotel,

        TE-DA-RE "KOH-JUTSU vol.2", Spiral, Tokyo

        ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 (YOD Gallery), Tokyo International Forum

        The Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011 (YOD Gallery),
    F1 Pit Building, Singapore

2012 Dead Paintings , Radi-un von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
        NEW CITY ART FAIR 2012 (YOD Gallery), hpgrp Gallery New York,
        KOWAKU ~ Kohjutsu vol.3, Spiral, Tokyo
        Art HK 12, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
        Spoon Art Fair HK 12 (YOD Gallery) , Grand Hyatt Hong Kong,
    Hong Kong
        CHIKURINJI ART EXPERIENCE , Chikurinji, Kochi

□ Yasuhiro Hara Biography

1983 Born in Hyogo
2002 Started the activity as a illustrator
2004 Started having his works published in galleries


[Solo Exhibition]
2007 iTohen, Osaka, Japan
2009 La galerie, Osaka, Japan
2010 SEWING GERLLRY, Osaka, Japan
        hineiro, Osaka, Japan
        gallery COLOR, Kobe, Japan
2011 gallery COLOR, Kobe, Japan

[Group Exhibition]
2008 Gense Art Exhibition 2008.05, Kenninji, Kyoto, Japan
        Art competition "Onsa 2008", (iTohen), Osaka, Japan
        AMUSE ART JAM 2008 (passed the primary audit), The Museum of Kyoto,    Kyoto, Japan
2009 Project exhibition 2009 "Sanju-Roku no Hitomi', iTohen, Osaka, Japan
        Tokyo Wonder Seeds 2009 (won a prize), Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya,      Tokyo, Japan
2010 ART stream 2010 ARTSTREAM PICKUP ARTIST EXHIBITION, SUNTORY      MUSEUM Tenpouzan, Osaka, Japan

□ Hedehito Matsubara


1973 born in Kobe
2002 Started Chigiri-e


[Solo exhibition]

2011 Gallery Buburindo, Hyogo, Japan ('12)


[Group exhibition]

2010 Gallery Buburindo, Hyogo, Japan

2011 Kobe Watakushi Museum, Hyogo, Japan 
        CHAIN OF ART Arts Aid Yohoku, Gallery Shimada, Hyogo, Japan
        ULTRA004 (YOD Gallery), SPIRAL, Tokyo, Japan

       Artspace Abando, Osaka

□ Images

Takuro Sugiyama


Acylic on canvas

162.1 x 130.3cm


Ken Kagajo
"Once upon a Time"

Dyeing cotton and binder laid on board
130.3×80.3 cm

Hiddehito Matsubara
Acrylic on paper

Hideki Kuwajima

□ "TTL (Through The Lens)"

14 July- 4 August 2012

□ Venue

YOD Gallery

4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047

TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0717

URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

Closed: Sunday, Monday and public holiday

□ Opening reception

17:00 on 14th July 2012 @ YOD Gallery

 Exhibition Outline
YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, Hideki Kuwajima (b. 1964), which will be held from 14th July to 4th August 2012.

Hideki KUWAJIMA was born in Osaka, year 1964 and graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film in 1989. Hideki KUWAJIMA is known for his magnificent photographs and glass objects that show the variety of light both in plane surface and in solid space. His works have been collected by David ELLIOTT, the ex-director of Mori Art Museum, Takahashi Collection, corporate LVMH and his art work titled "Equal" has been exhibited as window display at Maison Hermes located at Ginza, Tokyo during the winter of 2008-2009.

Based on circumspect speculation on final outcomes, Hideki Kuwajima carefully lines up glasses and decanters and photographs those vessels with large format cameras. Employing digital technology with high precision and a technique close to silver halide prints, he displays on large-sized photographic paper, the visuals of multilayer which is utilised by the transparency of glass.

The complicated but balanced composition and the dignified atmosphere sometimes raise the association with Mandala, the world view in the Hindu and Buddhist religion. KUWAJIMA's works often attract viewers because of the magnificence and next bring about the contemplation upon the philosophy inside.

This solo exhibition performs a connection that not only discloses a new direction in Hideki KUWAJIMA's art but also makes him trace the roots in his own art.

Statement from Hideki Kuwajima regarding to "TTL"

"TTL" (Through The Lens)


For me, camera obscuras are like peep boxes that bring feelings of freedom. Upon seeing the glass, almost anybody will consider it just as glass.However, once passing through the boxes of cameras, immediately, to change the quality of glasses into something else could be realized. Likewise, that one person holds a camera will be considered as one simple fact with no difference. Yet, depending on the person who controls the camera, the techniques he has, even the personal aesthetic consciousness, emotions, it is feasible to convert the correlation between the light and the subject to "art works", a term being slightly narrowed down but indicating creations that hold remarkable charms.


Lens performs my most reliable eye while producing art works. Lenses will capture most of the 3 dimensional infotmation obtained from naked eyes and then reflect the informaiton through a 2 dimensional form onto the viewfinder of a camera, leaving only the information that is preferable to be edited. Being subsequent to the lens, the camera judges the outside as if it is a surveying instrument, and repeats the mechanism of assemble, compoase, examine. Namely, it is a process that comes backi and forth between 3 dimension and 2 dimension and the sense of multilayer generated from the strokes in the repeated process becomes the core in my art works.


I am a photographer. But, what means reality to me is not the "determined instantaneous moment", but "certain period of time" spent on the required back and forth though the lens in various procedures while developing art works. 

□ Hideki Kuwajima Biography

1964 Born in Osaka
1989 Graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film
Lives and Works in Osaka

[Solo Exhibitions]
2011 "The world - Vertical / Horizontal - TTL" Spiral, Tokyo
"TTL" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
"Parallax" The Third Gallery AYA, Osaka
2010 ART OSAKA 2010 at Dojima Hotel, Osaka
2008 ''Vertical/ Horizontal" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2004 Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
2002 Lim Gallery, Osaka
Paper voice Gallery, Osaka
2001 Hokari Fine Art, Tokyo
2000 Hokari Fine Art, Tokyo
1999 Y's Bash, Nagoya

[Group Exhibitions]
2012 "KOWAKU - Koh-jutsu Chapter III" Spiral, Tokyo
"Koh-jutsu 2.52" ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY, Tokyo
"Koh-jutsu 2.51" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
"DGSM Print - The seven photographers" Gallry EM, Tokyo
2011 "Tedare~KOH-JUTSU vol.2" Spiral, Tokyo
"TANAGOKORO 10" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2010 "KOH-JUTSU" Spiral, Tokyo
2009 "TANAGOKORO 9" Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2008 ''Landshaft IV'' Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2004 ''ROENTGENIA'' Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
2003-04 ''108'' Ise Foundation, New York
2003 ''The Morning Glory'' Passage du Desir, Paris
''THE FORCIBLE REBOOT'' Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
''MONO'' Roentgenwerke, Tokyo
2001 ''Stay with Art'' Hotel T' Point, Osaka
1996 ''JACA'' Isetan, Tokyo
1993 ''PARCO URBANART#2: fine work'' PARCO gallery, Tokyo, etc.

2000 APA 2000: 1st prize
1999 EPSON color imaging contest: judging committee award
1996 JACA: special award
1993 PARCO URBANART#2: fine work

[Other Activity]
2009 "Umebachi Chakai -exhibition at Japanese Tea Ceremony-" 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
2008 "Equal" Maison Hermes (Window Display), Tokyo

□ Images

"Vertical 010"

Lambda print

110 x 100cm

"Vertical 008"

Lambda print

187×115 cm

"Horizontal 003"
Lambda print
82 x 290 cm

Yozo Takada

□ "Modeling Sound Project No.1 AIR  first verse"

7 April - 28 April 2012

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00
Close: Every Sunday and Monday ,20th,21th

□ Reception Party
17:00- on 7th April @ YOD Gallery

□ Exhibition Outline
YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, YozoTakada (b. 1983), which will be held from 7th to 28th April 2012.

Studying sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts, Takada got fascinated by the stimulation from hearing. He started a grand project named ''Modeling Sound Project'' whilst trying to visualise sounds. This exhibition as a part of the first verse of visually sculpturing the air not the sounds under his installation which brings lights in aerial vibration transmitting sounds.
 Takada’s project started in the International Competition in the Kobe Biennale 2011 by using a container space. In this time, he performs an experiment making use of the characteristics and the convection of the air in the gallery. Making us feel aerial vibration we hardly notice in every day life and the sounds beyond our sense, this exhibition is based on his philosophy of interaction between participants and the whole space he modelled.This project aims to make us realise and feel something removed from our brains and creates the new medium to express it. It is our pleasure for you to feel the launch of this grand project with all of your five senses.

□ Yozo Takada Biography

1983 Born in Kamakura, Kanagawa
2010 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
2012 Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School

[Selected exhibition]
2010 9thNew Metal Sculptor Exhibition,
    Metal Art Museum HIKARINOTANI, Chiba
    Exhibition from the Museum collection of the 2nd period,
    Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa
    Trans Week, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
    On Site Lob Works, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo
2011 Art in Container International Exhibition, Kobe Biennale, Hyogo
    Taito-ku Art Cultural Support System, Umenoyu, Tokyo
    Street Art Stage, Toride station, Ibaragi

[Selected award]
2011 Kobe Biennale Art in a Container International Competition


Modeling Sound Project No.1 AIR
Variable Size
Mixed Media

Modeling Sound ProjectNo.1 AIR
Variable Size
Mixed Media

Sound Perspective
Variable Size
Mixed Media

Kosuke Kimura

□ Collage of Images
   14 January - 4 February, 2012

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 12:00-19:00
Close: Every Sunday and Monday

□ Reception Party
17:00- on 28th May @ YOD Gallery

□ Gallery Talk
18:30-20:00 on 27th January @ YOD Gallery
Guest: Mr. Masahiro Yasugi (Curator / The National Museum of Art, Osaka)

Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition, "Collage of Images" by Kosuke Kimura (b.1936) that will be hold from 14 January to 4 February 2012.

Kosuke Kimura came out to be an artist in his 30’s in the later 1960’s while Art had become more democratic with the high growth of economy in Japan. In the best use of silkscreen and photography with the latest technology, he represented a pile of both virtual and real images from visual experiences excessed with everyday-updated information in the developing life. He, called as “a chiold of the age”, continuously received numerous numbers of awards from international competitions after his début. On the other hand, his independent challenge to the representation in prints was unique and controversy against the established concept and classification in the Japanese print circles at the time.

 Kimura entered Kyoto City University of Arts in 1955, studying Japanese paintings, and became a graphic designer after his graduation. His unique experience is a fundamental to his independent representation in prints that is not prepossessed with the established ideas. The beauty in utilitarian objects, the ways of capturing objects and of depicting colours in Japanese paintings are related to his unique expression in laying images on the other and the technique in advertisements is applied to his interest in order and layout of compositions. His deep experience in printing as an advertisement designer made himself to consider prints as one of medium and not as a genre in the notion of prints in Japan. He even challenged to other plastic art materials, such as acrylic, stainless steel, glass and enamel. The antipodes of his “calmness” to the notion and “ardour” of art are balanced in his works.

 Kimura alwaystries to find something in antipodes in the society. By taking sense and sensibility in art into science to bring up future scientists, he as a professor pursued a fusion of “science” and “art” in Kyoto Institute of Technology and became the 9th president of the university in 1998. Reflecting reality in daily life in his works, he continued contributing and relating to many activities with art in the society and finally received a Purple Ribbon Medal in 1999. By keeping a balance the antipodes between “calmness and ardour” and “science and art”, he still executes new works at his 70’s in the reason why that he may still find harmony between “artist and society”

 A wide range of works from his first renown assemblage work, “OUT OF TIME, 1970”, to his latest series of work, “Collage of Images, 2011”, are shown in this exhibition. His anti-aged and up-to-date works executed by the artist passes across ages would give us a thoughtful message to us living in the contemporary society with a sense of stagnation.

□ Kosuke Kimura Biography

1936 Born in Osaka
1956 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts

[Selected award]
1970 British International Print Biennale; Memorial Prize
1971 Japan Art Festival, Grand Prize
    The 9th Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubliana; Grand Prize
    The Exhibition of International Sculpture of Contemporary, Hakone
    Open-Air Museum; Concours Prize
1972 Norwegian International Print Exhibition; Grand Prize
1973 World Print Competition of America; Grand Prize
1977 Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Ube Museum; Grand Prize
1978 Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Kobe; Prize of The National
    Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
1981 Japanese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Ube Museum;
    Prize of Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
1983 Seoul International Print Biennale; Honorary Mention
1984 International Print Biennale Krakow, Gold Medal Prize
1999 Medal with Purple Ribbon

[Selected public collection]
The Museum of Modern Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; The Philadelphia Museum of Art; Cincinnati Art Museum; The National Museum of Ljubljana; The National Museum of Cracow; Bradford City Museum; Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto; The National Museum of Art, Osaka; The Hakone Open-Air Museum; The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama; Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts; Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts; Fukuoka Art Museum; Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art; The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma; Utsunomiya Museum of Art; Higashihiroshima City Museum of Art; Agency for Cultural Affairs; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Osaka Prefecture; Kyoto Prefecture

□ Images

Collage on paper
76.5 x 54.5 cm

Collage on paper
76.5 x 54.5 cm

Lithograph and silkscreen on paper
130.0 x 90.0 cm (each)