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Japan, 530-0047

T/F  +81 (0)6 6364 0775
E-mail info@yodgallery.com
Open: 12:00-19:00 | Mon-Sun

Past Exhibitions in 2010

□ Takuro Sugiyama "PLUS 'MASS'" 26 November - 25 December, 2010

□ contiguous zone vol.2 "touch to Japanese sensibility" 23 October - 20 November, 2010

□ Chika Tanikawa "I am a Piece of Dream" 18 September - 16 October, 2010

□ Toshiyuki Shibakawa "PLANET ANTIQUES" 16 June - 31 July, 2010

□ Issay Kitagawa "Kii-chan" 6 April - 29 April, 2010

□ "OSAKA ART NOW" 13 April - 18 April , 2010

□ "Self-Taught Artists" 13 February - 20 March, 2010

□ "Under 100" 12 January - 6 February, 2010

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□ Takuro Sugiyama "PLUS 'MASS'"
   Friday, 26 November - Saturday, 25 December, 2010

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 11:00-19:00
Close: Sunday, Monday

This exhibition is also involved in the project, "OSAKA ART COMPLEX Vol.3"

□ Opening Party for OSAKA ART COMPLEX
18:00 - 23:00 on 26th November

(1-16-18, Kita-Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka)
Entrance free

19:00-20:00 Talk Show by Takafumi Kobuki with 5 artists
20:30- Music Live by Salads in Space

□ Second Party for Takuro Sugiyama Solo Exhibition
17:00 - 20:00 on 11st December @ YOD Gallery

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition by Takuro Sugiyama, PLUS "MASS", that will be hold from 26th November to 25th December 2010.

Sugiyama concentrates on representing his intuitive sense to form objects transcending the boarder between the second dimension and the third dimension, painted on canvases in the good use of lines and sides drafted by hands in all the process. His reputation as a new generation of abstract expression has increased in group shows and art fairs since he had his solo exhibition in 2 years ago.

Sugiyama’s visionary third dimensional sense that he tries to express on canvases is an infinite challenge to human’s faculty of sight. There are lots of contradiction and tricks in his third dimensional expression by brush strokes. His paintings make viewer’s eyes confused and paralyse viewer’s sense of space. He deliberately represents fictional forms created in his imagination, which could be defined like the 2.5th dimension that was unable to exist in the physical space.

In this exhibition, Sugiyama’s complicated sense of space transcended from the reality, in which the element of "mass" is progressively added to his unusual dimensional sense, will be filled in the gallery space. It can be said that the new execution with his sense of "mass" is the second stage for his activity of representing formed objects painted on canvases.

Sugiyama has turned his attention to the concept of "gravity" as he had searched how many senses he could express by simply using only lines and sides by brush strokes. He thinks that an existence of "gravity" is necessary in the third dimensional universe. By complicatedly manipulating lines, sides and colour contrasts by brush strokes, his new execution of forming objects on the flat canvases is represented against "gravity" that heads toward the core of the earth. The vector of "gravity" and irregular energy powered by Sugiyama in his paintings could completely breakup viewer’s general sense of "Mass". Sugiyama’s dynamism of representing forms, which has been reinforced and tries to transcend the human’s ability to analyse space, would pioneer a new concept of abstract expression.

□ Takuro Sugiyama Biography

[Solo Exhibition]
2004 Osoblanco, Osaka ('06)
2007 Gallery58, Tokyo
    space gallery roundish, Osaka
2008 YOD Gallery, Osaka

[Group Exhibition]
2004 Japan-China Art Exchange, Shanghai University, China
2008 ART OSAKA 2008 (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka
2009 ART FAIR TOKYO 2009 (YOD Gallery), Tokyo Bldg. TOKIA, Tokyo
    ART OSAKA 2009 (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka
    KOBE ART MARCHE 2009 (YOD Gallery), Crowne Plaza Kobe, Hyogo
    (Ryotaro Ishigami, YOD Gallery), Spiral, Tokyo
2010 Under 100, YOD Gallery, Osaka
    ART FAIR TOKYO 2010 (YOD Gallery), Tokyo International Forum
    YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2010 (YOD Gallery),
    Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taiwan
    ART OSAKA 2010 (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka
    art gwangju 2010 (YOD Gallery), KDJ Convention Center, Korea

□ Images

"Untitled" 2010 [work in the Exhibition]
Acrylic on canvas, 193.9 x 130.3 cm

Exhibition view "Takuro Sugiyama - Hyper-Geometrism -"
(YOD Gallery, Osaka, 2008)

□ contiguous zone vol.2 "touch to Japanese sensibility"
   Agathe de Bailliencourt, Catherine Gianola, Armel Barraud
   Saturday, 23 October - Saturday, 20 November, 2010

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Artists
Agathe de Bailliencourt, Catherine Gianola, Armel Barraud

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 11:00-19:00
Close: Sunday, Monday

□ Opening Reception
From 17:00 on 23rd October @ YOD Gallery

□ Sponsored by

□ Support by

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition, "contiguous zone vol.2, touch to Japanese sensibility", introducing 3 French artists, that will be hold from 23 October to 20 November.

As it began in the last year, "Contiguous Zone" is an annual exhibition to present contemporary foreign art in Japan. Taking the format of a group show it brings diverse artists’ practice into a dialogue. The series takes its title from the “contiguous zone” of a country’s territorial waters, "ryokai" in Japanese, suggesting the increasingly diffused boundaries of both Japan and overseas today, island countries now connected to a global network of information. However, the series seeks to transcend discussion of boundaries and socio-political notions of territory, giving instead a space to breath and to be taken to new ideas.

In the notable exhibition, 'No man's land', organized in the former building of the French embassy in the last year, Agathe de Bailliencourt exhibited a large installation on the parking lot around a Peugeot car between other artists. She expresses her conception of the space by different mediums from a small canvas to large-scale installation occupying the space that surrounds it while using the specific elements of its environment. Emphasising sensibilities with the unique perception of colours, her works have had good reputations in a success of the exhibition in YOD Gallery, last year, as well as her exhibitions in various countries around the world.

Catherine Gianola executes ceramic sculptures in primitive shape with the motives, such as sheep, various animals and plants. She explores how people should have sensitivity living in the nature, concentrating on the texture of terracotta and the simple form of animals and plants. She also has a strong relation with Japan. She was in the artist resident of the prefectural museum of Shiga 'Gown no mori' in 2008 and she participated in the exhibition 'Living and design' in Intex Osaka, 2009.

After having learned the traditional technique of spindle lace from Finnish and Portuguese craftsmen, Armel Barraud has developed her own technique to execute her drawings with plaiting metal threads. The wall equipped with her laced metal drawings is fused with the contrast of shade and light created by the metal threads into her installation. During her residence to the Villa kujoyama, Kyoto, she studied the traditional Japanese metal work technique by this September. Before her return to France, she exhibited her recent works as final practice in Japan, in collaboration with "chashitsu (tea ceremony room)" and "kura (traditional warehouse)", in Seikado gallery, Kyoto.

In this exhibition, "Contiguous Zone vol.2", these three female French artists are variously represented in different mediums. However, they have in common lived and worked in Japan, and have eagerly assimilated foreign culture to their own execution. Alternatively looking at differences and commons of their works to Japanese art, it is an opportunity for us to re-discover Japanese values and identity through their globally evolved works, which have been impregnated of their own previous experiences with their meeting with Japan.

□ concept
L'exposition inaugurée par la Galerie YOD cet automne, "Contiguous zone vol.2, touch to Japanese sensibility", introduit trois artistes françaises. Le concept de l'exposition est d'utiliser la galerie en tant que zone neutre entre les frontières, où toutes les nationalités et cultures sont acceptées, d’où le nom de "Contiguous zone", "ryoukai" qui signifie eaux territoriales en français.

Le but de l'exposition est de créer chez le public un effet chimique à travers des oeuvres qui témoignent de la rencontre d'artistes étrangers avec la culture japonaise.

L'an dernier, dans le cadre de 'No man's land', évènement organisé dans l'ancien immeuble de l'Ambassade de France, Agathe de Bailliencourt a proposé, entre autre, une installation sur le parking autour d'une voiture Peugeot. L'artiste exprime sa conception de l'espace par différents moyens, à l'aide de simples toiles, mais aussi à l'aide d'oeuvres de grande envergure, occupant l'espace qui l'entoure en utilisant les éléments spécifiques de son environnement. Ses oeuvres, aux reflètant la perception des couleurs, particulière à l'artiste, ont connu un grand succès lors de leur exposition à Galerie YOD l'an dernier, ainsi que dans divers pays à travers le monde.

Catherine Gianola crée des objets en céramique ayant pour sujet des objets primitifs tels que des moutons, divers animaux et végétaux. A travers la forme simple d'animaux et de végétaux, par la texture de la terre cuite, l'artiste explore la sensibilité de l'homme vivant dans la nature. Catherine Gianola, a des relations étroites avec le Japon. En effet, elle a été artiste résidente en 2008 au musée prefectoral de Shiga 'Toge no mori'. En 2009, elle a participé à l'exposition ' Living and design' à Intex Osaka.

Après avoir appris la technique traditionnelle de la dentelle auprès d'artisans finlandais et portugais, Armel Barraud utilise leurs techniques en tressant des fils métalliques pour créer ses oeuvres. Elle met en scène des oeuvres basées sur le contraste du jeu d'ombre et de lumière créé par les fils métalliques.Pendant sa résidence à la Villa kujoyama, elle a étudié la technique traditionelle japonaise de treillis métallique. Avant de rentrer en France, elle a mis en pratique ces connaissances lors de son exposition à la galerie Seikado à Kyoto, en collaboration avec des "chashitsu" et des "kura".

Cette exposition présente donc trois artistes françaises utilisant des matériaux différents. Elles ont cependant en commun le fait d'avoir vécu et travaillé au Japon, et de nourrir leur art d'une culture étrangère qu'elles ont assimilé avec avidité. A travers ces oeuvres, nous espérons que vous pourrez comprendre la vision particulière de chacune d’elle. C’est une occasion pour le public de retrouver les valeurs et l'identité japonaise à travers les oeuvres d’artistes imprégnées de leurs propres expériences antérieures et de leur rencontre avec le Japon.
Nous esperons vous voir bientot à la galerie.

□ Artist's Biography

Agathe de Bailliencourt (Born in Paris, 1974)

2005 Solo exhibition "J'aime - j'aime pas Wall", Comme des Garcons Guerilla
    Store+65, Singapole
2006 Singapole Biennale 2006, Singapole
2007 Solo exhibition "Urban 64", Taksu Gallery, Singapole
    Light project "Je m'en fous", IHZ-Building, Berlin
2008 Solo exhibition "Occupation à 6", Hugo Boss Exhibition Space, Berlin
    Solo exhibition "My so-called life, Galerie Catherine & Andre Hug, Paris
    Light project "Oh Mon Dieu", Berliner Dom, Berlin
2009 Roppongi Art Night 2009, Roppingi Hills, Tokyo
    Artist in Residence, OOO, Osaka
    Solo exhibition "My so-called life in Japan", YOD Gallery, Osaka
    Solo exhibition "Haut les coeurs !", Galerie Catherine & Andre Hug
    Art Fair "ART OSAKA", YOD Gallery ('10)
    Artist in Residence, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo
    No Man's Land, Former French Embassy, Tokyo
2010 ART FAIR TOKYO 2010, YOD Gallery

Catherine Gianola (Born in Chateaubriant, 1964)

2003 Eté Ceram, Dinan (Public choice Award)
2004 Solo exhibition, Bouquieres Gallery, Toulouse
    Animal Sculpture Biennale, Langueux
2005 Art sur place, Raymond VI gardens, Toulouse
2006 European Ceramic fair, Giroussens, ('07)
    Animal, Castle of Ranrouët, Herbignac
2007 Envolées de Matière, Odyssud, Blagnac
    Les Z'animaux, Château des Bouillants, Dammarie-les-lys
2008 Artist in Residence, Shigaraki Ceramic Centre Park, Shiga
    Bestiaire, House of contemporary ceramic, Giroussens
2009 Living & Design, Index Osaka, Osaka
2010 Dérives végetales, Musée de la Briqueterie, Langueux

Armel Barraud (Born in Le Havre, 1979)

2008 Solo exhibition "Elle partit marcher sur la lune mais elle avait disparu",
    Galerie-able, Berlin
2009 Solo exhibition "needlework", Galerie Craft2eu, Hambourg
    talent à la carte, Salon Maison et Objet, Paris
2010 Ultra Lace, Ateliers d' Art de France, Paris
    La Belle Ouvrage, Pôle Expérimental Métiers d'Art, Nontron
    Artist in Residence, Villa Kujoyama, Kyoto
    Solo exhibition, Seikado Gallery, Kyoto

□ Images

Armel Barraud
"Sirene" (Detail)
Thread of copper and black metal
100.0 x 150.0 cm

Catherine Gianola
25.0 x 25.0 x 48.0 cm

Agathe de Bailliencourt
"My so-called life (in Japan) 13"
91.0 x 116.5 cm
Acrylic painting, pastel, pencil and marker on canvas

□ Chika Tanikawa "I am a Piece of Dream"
   Saturday, 18 September - Saturday, 16 October, 2010

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

  ★ Live paint View >>>>>

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 11:00-19:00
Close: Sunday, Monday and 9th Oct.(Sat.)

□ Opening Reception
From 17:00 on 18th September @ YOD Gallery

□ Live Painting
From 14:00 on 25th September @ YOD Gallery

□ Exhibition Outline
YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, "I am a Piece of Dream", by Chika Tanikawa that will be held from 18th September to 16th October 2010.

Tanikawa defines her painting as "self-portrait" by herself. The subject that she draws everyday in her self-portrait is "the empty self". She says that her "self-portrait" is only a tool to express her external appearance and she does not presumably provide elements to form her ego in it. By supposing that her raison d’être is uncertain, she continues to paint "self-portrait" with the purpose to look for a meaning or definition of the existence of herself.

It can be said that the factor in Tanikawa’s execution of “self-portrait” is largely reflected in the trend toward the contemporary society in Japan. Her generation around the early 20 year old has been brought up with enormous information which is benefited from the digitalized society since they were little child. This generation who familiar with virtual reality, created by Internet, computer games, cartoons and so on, tends quickly to absorb various information around the world as if they experience by themselves. On the other hand, it is more difficult for them to find out a proper precept or solution from the tremendous volume of information that is continuously renewed everyday. This chaotic situation drive them not to catch up making a choice and sorting over what they really need to assimilate and makes them hard to present their sense of value clearly. In the circumstances that she can not define a borderline between reality and virtual reality, she believes that a "dream" that she has in night time is the most reliable experience to find herself. Her representation in "self-portrait" is a true copy from what she sees in her "dreams". Her “dreams” that come from recollections in her deep mind become important filters for her to see what is true in the society.

Additionally, another concept, "hometown", is also an important element for her to find herself. By picking up symbolic elements, such as her mother’s body and birthplace that can be recognized from her origin, Tanikawa finds a direction to make up the deficit into "the empty self" and repeatedly paints the elements in her "portrait".

Looking for herself who got lost in the boarder between the reality and dreams, new "self-portrait" works by Tanikawa will be mainly shown in this exhibition. She will also have a live painting on the outside wall of the gallery during the exhibition. We will be able to share a moment of experiencing a new sense of value presented by the new generation who represents the reality reflected in the contemporary Japanese society with the motifs that are derived from "a piece of dream".

□ Chika Tanikawa Biography

1986 Born in Toyama
2010 Graduated from Kobe University
     Lecturer for Osaka Sogo College of Design

[Solo Exhibition]
2009 ART HOUSE, Osaka

[Group Exhibition]
2007 No color No shape No sound, Kobe Art Village Center
     ART STREAM 2007, Suntory Museum, Osaka
2008 GEISAI #11, Tokyo Big Site
2009 Comic Art Festa, Hep Hall, Osaka
     ART STREAM 2007, Suntory Museum, Osaka (YOD Gallery Award)
2010 GEISAI #14, Tokyo Big Site
     ART OSAKA (YOD Gallery), Dojima Hotel, Osaka

□ Images

"The Peeled Dream" 2010 [work in the Exhibition]
Acrylic on canvas, 53.0 x 45.5 cm

□ Toshiyuki Shibakawa "PLANET ANTIQUES"
   Tuesday, 16 June - Saturday, 31 July, 2010

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 11:00-19:00
Close: Sunday and Monday

□ Opening Reception
16:00-21:00 on 14th June @ YOD Gallery

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, "PLANET ANTIQUES", by Toshiyuki Shibakawa that will be held from 15th June to 31st July 2010.

Shibakawa is a sculptor who works with the theme of "our society viewed in 2000 years later". The concept of his works originally drives from the two excavations, the excavated Kusado Sengen medieval town in Japan and the ruins of Pompeii in Italy, The both cities have the similarity that they were in full flourish at that time, Kusado Sengen was 600 years ago and Pompeii was 2000 years ago, and were suddenly demolished and declined by natural disasters. Our society has been rapidly developed in several thousand years compared with the speed of Earth’s growth, but we might loose our civilization at anytime which could be easily destroyed by natural phenomena. He thinks that our brains will never overcome the power of nature and the repetition of the fall and the prosperity of mankind’s history has built our present time.

Shibakawa continues exhibiting his works in public galleries and museums to ask a lot of viewers what the present time is by guiding us to trip into 2000 years later with his fossilised present commodities. It was the first successful event for contemporary artists to have an exhibition at museums in Japan and to gather 6000 participants in his workshop at the Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History in 2003. It helped to make public art museums in Japan to turn their notions and way of administration. Since then, he has accomplished to have large projects to show his dynamism of current time from the present to future in cooperate with regional history by involving local people and art museums, such as Sakura City Museum of Art, The Museum of Art, Kochi, Aomori Museum of Art and Towada Arts Center.

In this exhibition, "PLANET ANTIQUES", Shibakawa installs a collaboration of his fossilised sculptures and antiques in the gallery space. The area called “Oimatsu Street”, in which YOD Gallery is located, is famous for art and antique galleries that have been developed in the history. The collaboration with "Antiques" in the exhibition differs from his past exhibitions at museums in which he adopted site-specific elements of historical remains and ancient objects. Although "Antique" has lost its present state, we could clearly recognise its shape and function. Its appearance that contains both past and present implication could be still adopted in our daily use in contrast with ancient objects from several hundred or thousand years ago that have lost its original form. The new element, "Antique", as a process of current time would make his concept of time in the past, present and future more evolved in deeper. It will show us a different phase of time current that changes in meaning and form from the past to 2000 years later through "Antiques" and the identity of "Oimatsu Street" area.

□ Toshiyuki Shibakawa Biography

1966 Born in Osaka on January 11, the very day ALBERTO GIACOMETTI died.
     (Hometown is in Kagawa)
1991 Completed the Master's Course (MFA) at Hiroshima University, Japan
1993 Lecturer at Fukuyama City Junior College for Women
     (2000-Assistant Professor, 2007-Associate Professor)
1997 Studied in Milan, Italy as a visiting researcher, funded by
     the Ministry of Education(ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI)
2002 Visited Berlin and London ( received Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research,
     Young Scientists(B) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
     Science and Technology)
2006 Energia Art Merit Prize, Energia Culture and Sports Foundation
2009 Cultural Encouragement Prize of Hiroshima Prefecture,
     Cultural Foundation of Hiroshima Credit Unions
2010 Associate Professor at Shujitsu Junior College

[Selected Solo Exhibitions and Art Projects]

2009 "MAWASHI PROJECT" / Towada Arts Center & Stores of
     Shopping Arcade in Towada City (Aomori) *"SUMOAURA" Exhibition
     APS Series: "a piece of work" - #14 SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki: "PLANET
     WALL" / a piece of space APS (Tokyo)
2008 "The Future Ruins of the 41st Century:The Sannai Museum."
     Aomori Museum of Art : Art Among the Sannai Maruyama Ruins
     Operations / Aomori Museum of Art to Sannnai Maruyama Ruins   
     "41st-Century Art Museum☆Project|800km from Muroto Point to Cape
     Ashizuri The Museum of Art. Kochi in the 41st Century: Ever Expanding
     Operations" / The Museum of Art (Kochi)
     *The Museum’s Special Summer Vacation
2007 "TRAVELER:Welcome to the PLANET MUSEUM,"
     / Kyoto University of Art and Design (Kyoto)
     "PLANET TIME CAPSULE:Time Capsule in the 41st Century
     |What if your mobile phone is excavated in the future…?"
     / Tsuruoka Art Forum (Yamagata)  
2006 "PLANET STREET:The Station, Town and Art Museum Excavated 2000
     years in the Future." / Sakura City Museum of Art; SAKAE-cho;
     and Keisei SAKURA station (Chiba)
     "Pieces of Time: Museum in the 41st Century – The Whereabouts of the
     Joumon and Modern Era." / TATSUNO Museum (Nagano)
     "Dragon Road - The Whereabouts of Dragons in the 41st Century,"
     / Senkoji Temple mountain trail, Onomichi shopping center,
     and elementary schools in Onomichi (Hiroshima)
     APS Series: "a piece of work" - #07 SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki: "PLANET
     PIECES, "a piece of space APS, Kobo Kaidanshita, and other places inside
     the building (Tokyo)
     Contemporary Art (Okayama)
     Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima)
2003 "Adventure to PLANET MUSEUM," Hiroshima Prefecture Museum
     of History (Hiroshima)
2001 Today's Artist "PLANET CIRCLE," Osaka Contemporary Art Center
1999 "PLANET GARDEN," Shibuya Museum (Hiroshima)
     "Message from the 41st Century," DAVID HALL (Okayama)

[Selected Group Exhibitions]

2009 "SUMOAURA" / Towada Art Center (Aomori)
2008 TAMA VIVANTⅡ 2008, "The Seeds of Image"
     / Tama Art University (Tokyo) / Minatomirai Station (Yokohama)
2007 "Toys from the Present to the Future," / Sasayama Children’s Museum
     "Palette Memory -Japanese Modern Painters," / Tsuruoka Art Forum
2006 "TAMA VIVANT 2006," Tama Art University (Tokyo)
     / Minatomirai Station (Yokohama)
     "Art in Fukujyukaikan," / Fukujyukaikan, (Hiroshima) *Directed by
     Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima)
     "The World of Art Extending from the Impressionists,"
     / Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane)
     "Touch and Enjoy Contemporary Art Exhibition," / Hamada Children’s
     Museum of Art (Shimane)
     "Contemporary Forms - Life & Art - : The Forms of Intoxication,"
     / Higashi-hiroshima City Museum of Art (Hiroshima)
2005 "ARTOM60 - the contemporary art exhibition for the 60th
     anniversary of the atomic bomb," / The former Bank of Japan,
     Hiroshima Branch (Hiroshima)
     "VOCA 2005: The Vision of Contemporary Art,"
     / The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo)
2002 "Hiroshima Art Document 2002," / The former Bank of Japan,
     Hiroshima Branch (Hiroshima)
2000 "Touching and Feeling - Modern Art Exhibition,"
     / Kaita Town Museum of History and Folklore (Hiroshima)
     "The Land of Dragon: Onomichi: The Symbol and Forms,"
     / Onomichi City Museum (Hiroshima)
1999 "Contemporary Artist’s View – Crossover 10," / Okayama Synthetic
     Culture Center (Okayama)
1994 "The Asia and Hiroshima Art Grand Prix Awards," / The Chugoku Electric
     power Co., Inc. (Hiroshima) *Awarded the Excellent Prize
     "The 11th Contemporary Painting Exhibition of Japan,"
     / Ube City Culture Hall (Yamaguchi)  *Awarded the Second Prize

[Lectures, Presentations and Other Projects (selected)]

2009 Lecture: "The Projects for the 41st Century Museum - Activation of
     Museum in Collaboration with Contemporary Art-,"
     /The Hokkaido University Museum (Hokkaido)
     Lecture: "Art Project Imagining the World of The 41st Century,"
     / Tokyo Denki University (Saitama)
2008 Symposium: "The Whereabouts of The Town in the 41st Century - Art
     Project Utilizing Local Culture -," / Tatsuno Museum, Nagano
     Gallery Talk: "Welcome to 41st Century Fukuyama Art Museum!,"
     / Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima) *The 20th Anniversary of
     Fukuyama Art Museum:"Japan and Europe in the 20th Century"
2007 Gallery Talk: "The Whereabouts of the Paintings in the 41st Century.,"
     / Hiroshima Art Museum, (Hiroshima) *Japanese Modern Paintings of
     Western Style from Hiroshima Museum of Art and Yamaoka Collection
2006 Lecture: "The Present-Day Fossils Excavated in the 41st Century,
     Tama Art University (Tokyo)
     Film "Chanko; "Assisted with the scenario, art direction, film title logo
     design; appeared in the film, which was held at Shinjuku TOA and
     other theaters throughout Japan. Also shown in Cannes Film Festival,
     Berlin Film Festival and other film festivals overseas.
     *Produced by DREAMONE film company.
     Open Studio: "Welcome to My 41st-Century Art Supplies Shop!;"
     Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane) *Touch and Enjoy
     Contemporary Art Exhibition
     Lecture: "Experience ☆ Museum Workshop," Fukuyama Art Museum
     (Hiroshima) *Art Museum Network Training Institute of Hiroshima
2005  Published the documentary catalog "41st-Century Adventure Museum"
     (received grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and

□ Images

[Exhibition View] "Adventure to PLANET MUSEUM" (Hiroshima Prefecture Museum
of History, 2003)

[Exhibition View] Today's Artist "PLANET CIRCLE" (Osaka Contemporary Art Center, 2001)

[Exhibition View] "The Future Ruins of the 41st Century: The Sannai Museum" (Aomori Museum of Art, 2008)

□ Issay Kitagawa "Kii-chan"
   Tuesday, 6 April - Thursday, 29 April, 2010

  ★ Exhibition View >>>>>

“MULTIPLE IMPACT = Issay Kitagawa” in Four Kansai Galleries
The Issay Kitagawa Exhibition will be exhibited concurrently at four Kansai galleries.

■ddd Gallery [Osaka]
23 March (Tue) - 12 May (Wed)

■mihoproject studio yu-an [Kyoto]
20 April (Tue) - 15 May (Sat)

■Seian University of Art and Design Gallery Art Site [Ohtsu]
22 April (Thu) - 15 May (Sat)

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 11:00-19:00
Close: Sunday and Monday

□ Event "Art Robot “Kii-chan” comes to life!"
From 14:00 on 24th April @ YOD Gallery

□ Reception Party
From 17:00 on 24th April @ YOD Gallery

Supported by
Epson Sales Japan Corporation, AZ PLANNING Co., Ltd, KiKi inc.,
Kenshu Shintsubo, GYROWALK Inc., Seian University,
, Souwa Inc., DIME Co., Ltd,
Yoshikawa Paper Co., Ltd,
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□ Exhibition Outline
YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, "Kii-chan", by Issay Kitagawa that will be held from 6th to 29th April 2010.

"Kii-chan" who came to the gallery with a slogan of "Cheer up Osaka too" is transformed into diverse forms showing a strong opportunity.

Art robot "Kii-chan" sleeping through the exhibition in the gallery space will wake up and get exercise by playing.

"Kii-chan", who achieved success in the "Cheer up Tokyo" project last year, will start moving as a symbol of energy to charge power into not only Osaka, but also all the Kansai area, by involving different kind of industries to develop together.

Please enjoy all the action of "Kii-chan" as if we rejoice seeing our child's birth and growth.

We will also hold a talk event by Issay Kitagawa. He will talk about the content of this exhibition and his recent works.

It will be a substantial lecture in which we can catch a glimpse of the essence of his philosophy and his way of thinking about object.

Issay Kitagawa Biography

Born in Kasai-city, Hyogo Prefecture in 1965.
Graduated from Tsukuba University.
Head Designer of GRAPH (present)

2007 LUCKY LUCK SHOW (21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo)
2008 DEEPER IMAGINATION (YOD Gallery, Osaka)
     ART OSAKA (YOD Gallery) (Dojima Hotel, Osaka, '09)
     Dignity and Beauty (Hintobi) (YOD Gallery, Osaka)
     Daegu Art Fair [YOD Gallery] (Daegu, Korea)
     Invisibre Eyes (Hintobi) (Hotel Claska, Tokyo)
2009 Art Fair Tokyo (YOD Gallery) (Tokyo Bldg. TOKIA, Tokyo)
     Issay Kitagawa Exhibition (Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo)
     I like eating (Hillside Forum, Tokyo)
2010 Issay Kitagawa Exhibition (Okanoyama Museum of Nishiwaki, Hyogo)

Please see his many exhibitions and works at

   Tuesday, 13 April - Sunday, 18 April, 2010
   at Hillside Terrace A-Building Gallery, Tokyo

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□ Venue
Hillside Terrace A-Building Gallery
Hillside Terrace A-Building, 29-18, Sarugaku-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033, Japan
TEL +81 (0)3 3476 5008
URL: http://www.hillsideterrace.com

Open: 12:00-19:00

□ Participated artists
Yoshiko Noda
Mutsumi Sue

Kotatsu Iwata
Hiroyuki Toi
Akiko Sumiyoshi

[YOD Gallery]
Masashi Hattori
Hintobi (Issay Kitagawa x Kenshu Shintsubo)
Motonori Uwasu

Presented by
YOD Gallery

□ "Self-Taught Artists" Get to the issue of Outsider Art
   Shisuko Tohmoto, Yoichiro Nonaka, Hebime
   Saturday, 13 February - Saturday, 20 March, 2010

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□ Participating Artists
Shisuko Tohmoto, Yoichiro Nonaka, Hebime

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

Open: 11:00-19:00
Close: Sunday and Monday

□ Opening Reception Party
From 17:00 on 13th February @ YOD Gallery

□ Talk Event
"Issues of Outsider Art from a point of view of Self-Taught Art"
15:00-16:30 on 27th February @ YOD Gallery
Guest: Mr. Tadashi Hattori (Curator, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art)

□ Exhibition Outline
YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the group exhibition, "Self-taught
Artists, get to the issue of Outsider Art" that will be held from 13th
February to 20th March 2010.

The word of "Outsider Art" has been gradually recognised in Japan. It seems to be an antithesis to the state in Japan where many exhibitions under this theme have been held by museums and a specialising gallery in this field has been newly opened, in which a widening gap between people has become conspicuous in the society. The definition of "Outsider Art" in the West is a genre of art made by untrained makers who were never institutionalised and have little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions. However, "Japanese Outsider Art" seems to be only seen as an act or work by mainly handicapped persons. It considerably helps to support handicapped persons for the social welfare, but heir works themselves haven't been evaluated as works of art yet. There are many approaches to bring their works into the Arts in Japan.

In this exhibition, "Self-taught Art" is defined as work by artists who never took academic studies at art schools or institutions and voluntarily started executing works of art as it is clearly defined as one of genres in "Outsider Art" in the West. Earnest approach to Art in their works is strongly seen as their characteristic in a way that they suddenly started painting by an unexpected occurrence or experience in their life, encountering the works of Art in which they have never been interested. They execute works of art under their complex in which they have to keep painting otherwise they can not find a reason to exist themselves. We can see a fresh and lively expression without fixed ideas in their works where a strong relation between works and artists is established.

Our aim is to inspect the essence of Outsider Art and to touch the issue of Japanese Outsider Art to open up a new horizon with the key word of "Self-taught Artists" with 3 artists in the exhibition. Shisuko Tohmoto is known as a representative artist in Japanese primitivism and a symbolic artist in "Self-taught Art". Although Hebime and Yoichiro Nonaka are still young, all of their independent style in expression is shocking us to forget the major premise of Outsider Art and a possibility to evolve into Arts that we wanted. There is also a talk event by a curator, Mr. Tadashi Hattori, from Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, who is known as one of outstanding researchers in Outsider Art, speaking on issues of "Outsider Art" from a point of view of "Self-taught Art".

□ Artist's Biography

Shisuko Tohmoto (Born in Kumamoto, 1913-2005)

1961 Suffered from cerebral haemorrhage.
    Started sculpturing stone.
1963 Started painting with pigments left at home.
1969 Received Kawachi award from Gugen Art Association.
1970 Moved to Osaka.
1992 Published the raisonne of painting "Shisuko Tohmoto cultivates
1994 Solo Exhibition "Shisuko Tohmoto cultivates canvases"
    (Yokaichi city art and culture hall, Shiga; Harmo Museum,
    Nagano; Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art)
1996 Group Exhibition "Art and Simplicity" (Setagaya Art Museum,
2000 Group Exhibition "What is 'Simplicity' ? Life & Vision"
    (The Museum of Art, Ehime)
    Solo Exhibition "Shisuko Tohmoto cultivates canvases"
    (Bukkyo University Shijo Extention Center, Kyoto)
2001 Suffered from anemia and cognitive impairment
    Group Exhibition "To live together"
    (Minakuchi culture hall, Shiga)
2002 Group Exhibition "Naive paintings" (Fukuoka Art Museum)
2005 Died
2006 Group Exhibition "The Record of the aged runnning fast"
    (Borderless Art Museum NO-MA, Shiga)
2008 Group Exhibition "Picnic or Wander" (Contemporary Art
    Museum Kumamoto)
    Group Exhibition "My Art-full Life" (Kawaguchi city art gallery
    Cattleya, Saitama; Kyoto Univercity of Art and Design
    Gallery Aube)
2009 Solo Exhibition "Shisuko Draws Akihiro Miwa" (Gallery Nishiri,
    Group Exhibition "Three Grandmothers" (Harmo Museum,

[Public collection]
Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto

Yoichiro Nonaka (Born in Wakayama, 1977)

1990 Began to manufacture furnitures at Aterier Mukunoki,
1996-98 Went to London. After returning, started painting.
1999 Solo Exhibition (Hashimoto Gallery, Wakayama, '00)
2001 Solo Exhibition (Kongo Art Spot Kuu, Osaka)
2002 Solo Exhibition (Kintetsu Department, Wakayama)
2003 Solo Exhibition (Matsubishi Department, Mie)
2004 Group Exhibition (Jokiin Temple [Mt. Koya], Wakayama)
2005 Solo Exhibition (FARMHOUSE CAFE, Hyogo)
2006 Solo Exhibition (Yodo Gallery, Osaka)
    Father and Son Exhibition (Gallery Ra Mu, Osaka)

Hebime (Born in Hyogo, 1982)

1998 Left high school before graduation
    Began painting by suffering from melancholy
    Influenced by Surrealist artists
2000 Began the technique of water marker by the influence of
    Vincent van Gogh
2007 Exhibition of art and culture association in Kansai,
    Heart & Heart Award
2008 Solo Exhibition (Art Space Abando, Osaka)
2009 Solo Exhibition (VIVANT ANNEXE, Tokyo)
    ART STREAM 2009, YOD Gallery Award (Suntory Museum,

□ Images

Shisuko Tohmoto
"Horses in the river" 2001
Oil on canvas, 130.0 x 162.0 cm

□ "Under 100" Takuro Sugiyama, Ken Kagajo, Masashi Hattori
   Tuesday, 12 January - Saturday, 6 February, 2010

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* Exhibition Review ("The Japan Times" / 24th Jan 2010)

□ Participating Artists
Takuro Sugiyama, Ken Kagajo, Masashi Hattori (YOD Gallery)
Mutsumi Sue, Sesamespace, Hitomi Takahashi, Yoshiko Noda (fabre8710)

□ Venue
YOD Gallery
4-9-15, Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-0047
TEL +81 (0)6 6364 0775
URL: http://www.yodgallery.com

3-6-25, Hanaten-Higashi, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka, Japan 538-0044
TEL +81 (0)6 6968 8535
URL: http://www.fabre8710.com/

Open: 11:00-19:00 (YOD Gallery) 12:00-19:00 (fabre8710)
Close: Sunday and Monday

□ Reception Party
From 17:00 until 21:00 on 16th January @ YOD Gallery

□ Event "Appreciation in round-table talk"
From 13:00 on 16th January @ YOD Gallery

□ Exhibition Outline

YOD Gallery is pleased to announce the experimental exhibition, Under 100, curated by our curating director, Toshihiro Yamanaka. It is linked to fabre 8710 (Hanaten, Osaka) to show the same theme by both the galleries' artists.

It is essential to arrange hanging works according to an exhibition theme and clearly to show the theme to viewers in a gallery. It is also important to set a height of works from human's optical angle and physiology for viewers. We have also put weight on installation across the length and breadth of the 4 metre white cube space at YOD Gallery.

In this exhibition, it is a time to think a meaning of a way of show itself in a way that we determinate to display all the works under 100cm, under the name of Under 100. We define that 100cm is an average height when people bent over in a position. If we hang paintings under 100cm, people have to bend down or to change their position to see them aggressively. Viewers might discover a different interpretation with a deeper approach to works with resting their gaze spontaneously in an extraordinary position. The participating artists, Takuro Sugiyama, Ken Kagajo and Masashi Hattori, who know the characteristic s of out space very well, will also tempt viewers’ eyes under 100cm with their expression and composition in their works.

Viewing space where people can sit down on the floor will be set up in order additional understanding this exhibition purpose in the one-day event, “Appreciation in round-table talk” on 16th January. Experienced in seeing works of art both in an extraordinary position and an ordinary position like people sit down on tatami mats in Japan, we could find another way of appreciating works of art from a different optical angle and approach.

□ Artist's Biography

Takuro Sugiyama (Born in Chiba, 1983)

2004 Graduated from Osaka Collage of Art

[Solo Exhibition]
2004 Osoblanco (Osaka)
2006 Gallery58 (Tokyo)
    space gallery roundish (Osaka)
2008 YOD Gallery (Osaka)

[Group Exhibition]
2004 Japan-China Art Exchange, Shanghai University, China
2008 ART OSAKA 2008 (YOD Gallery)
2009 ART FAIR TOKYO 2009 (YOD Gallery)
    ART OSAKA 2009 (YOD Gallery)
    KOBE ART MARCHE 2009 (YOD Gallery)
    (Ryotaro Ishigami, YOD Gallery)

Ken Kagajo (Born in Osaka, 1974)

2000 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School
2003 Lecturer for Kyoto University of Art and Design (-2008)
2007 Lecturer for Kobe Design University (-2008)
2008 Lecturer for Kyoto Seika University
2009 Lecturer for Kyoto Saga University of Arts

[Solo Exhibition]
1998 Gallery Maronie (Kyoto)
2001 Gallery Senbikiya (Tokyo), Gallery Maronie
2002 GALERIE SOL (Tokyo), Gallery Maronie
2003 Wacoal Ginza Art Space (Tokyo)
2004 Gallery Maronie
2005 GALERIE SOL, Wacoal Ginza Art Space
2006 gallery den (Osaka), Gallery Maronie, Gallery Senbikiya
2007 Gallery Planet (Nagoya)
2009 YOD Gallery (Osaka)

[Group Exhibition]
1998 3rd Shell Art Award (Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo)
2002 Selected Artists in Kyoto (Kyoto Cultural Museum, Kyoyo, ’06)
    12th Some-Seiryu Exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of art,
    Meguro Museum of art, ’04, ‘07)

    2nd International Tapestry Art Biennale (Beijing)
2004 3rd International Fiber Art Biennale (Shanghai Library Conference
    and Exhibition Center
2005 CRIA (Kyoto Art Center)
    Selected Artists in Kyoto (Kyoto Municipal Museum of art)
    Two Artists Exhibition (Gallery Keifu, Kyoto, '06, '07, '08)
    Kaunas Art Biennale (Lithuania)
2006 Japanese Suppleness -contemporary art from Japan- (Denmark)
    Art Court Frontier 2006#4 (ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka)
2007 International Craft Trend Fair, (COEX, Seoul)
2008 Group Exhibition (Musee de Some Seiryu, Kyoto)
2009 ART OSAKA 2009 (YOD Gallery)

Masashi Hattori (Born in Hokkaido, 1977)

2003 Graduated from Kyoto Seika University Graduate School
2009 Lecturer for Kyoto Seika University

[Solo Exhibition]
2000 Cubic Gallery Iteza (Kyoto)
2002 Kyoto Seika University Sculpture Gallery (Kyoto)
2004 Shinanobashi Gallery (Osaka, '06)
2007 Gallery Artislong (Kyoto, '09)
2009 YOD Gallery (Osaka)

[Group Exhibition]
2000 3rd Year Work (Gallery Sowaka, Kyoto)
2001 Group Exhibition (Kobe Harborland, Hyogo)
    ART UNIV. 2001 (Campus Plaza Kyoto)
2002 Kunori nochi Hare (Gallery Fleur, Kyoto)
    anotherself (Gallery Artislong, Kyoto)
    SHUCHO-TEN (Gallery Artislong)

2005 WONDER SEEDS 2005 (Tokyo Wonder Site)
    Gunma Biennale for Young Artists (Museum of Modern Art Gunma)
2006 Two Artists Exhibiton (Gallery Naufu, Gifu)
2007 Group Exhibition, (Gallery Naufu, '08, '09)
2008 ART OSAKA 2008 (YOD Gallery)
2009 ART OSAKA 2009 (YOD Gallery)

□ Images

Takuro Sugiyama
"Untitled" 2009
Acrylic on canvas, 145.5 x 112.1 cm

Masashi Hattori
"Me ○ Mawaru ○ Hito" 2009
Plastic, polyestered FRP and pan, 33.0 x 20.0 x 35.0 cm